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Regal period

750 - 510 BC. Rome was ruled by kings.


Roman Republic

510 - 27 BC.

Roman Republic replaced the regal period - executive had limited power. 2 consuls, as highest ranking magistrates, ruled jointly.


Roman Empire

27 BC - 565 AD.

Roman Empire. Emperor formally held power, so all power through other magistrates and bodies flowed through him.


Twelve Tables

450BC. First codification of Roman law in response to social unrest by the plebeians about the arcane nature of the law, and when they could go to court to enforce their rights.


Formative Period

150 BC - 150 AD. Roman law was beginning to become a body of law that jurists were elaborating on.


Classical Period

150 - 240 AD.

Roman legal system began to acquire greater certainty, so rules became clearer and less malleable by jurists. Rome was now an Empire and not a Republic, so it was more difficult to challenge the law when it came from the emperor.


Post-classical Period

365 - 565 AD.

Justinian reigned during 527 - 565 AD and made a major effort to consolidate Roman law into codified texts. Codified body of law after Justinian.