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‘Look how our partners rapt’

‘Rapt’ comes from the Latin word ‘raptus’ which means to be seized or kidnapped
It is also the same word that gives us ‘rape’ which lures you into the way women were viewed as property
With the reference to play if macbeth is ‘rapt’ then he’s been seized by something outside of his control- the supernatural


‘If you can look into seeds of time’

Speaks poetically about seeds of time and about which will grow and not
Reference to nature is banquos wah or comparing seeds to people
Banquo is indication that the witches know who will die and prosper
Metaphor compares seeds and grown vs present kings and future kings


‘Instruments of darkness’

Metaphor outlines the danger of witches and their prophecies
Instruments links to metaphor of ‘time’
Banquo is morally stronger than macbeth
Shakespeare juxtaposes the 2 men
Banquo used as foil to macbeth to emphasise Macbeth’s moral weakness and lack of self control