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Fought in what is now Syria between Pharaoh Ramses II and Hittite king Muwatalli II. Largest chariot battle in history (5,000) Egyptians "won" with smaller, faster chariots



King Darius I of Persia was defeated by Miltiades and the Athenians. Greek messenger Pheidippides ran to Athens to bring news but collapsed upon arrival


Thermopylae (hot gates)

First battle of 2nd Persian invasion. Xerxes I and general Mardonius defeated Leonidas and the Spartans. Betrayed by Ephialtes. Naval battle occurred simultaneously at Artemisium


Naval battle of Salamis

Greco-Persian War. Athenian General Themistocles lured large, slow Persian ships into narrow straits where smaller Greek ships destroyed them. Queen of Halicarnassus Artemisia sunk some of her own ships to escape



Ended Peloponnesian War. War between Sparta and Athens. Lysander was spartan commander. Resounding victory for Sparta