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What are three nonspecific characteristics common to all forms of psychotherapy?

1. Formation of a therapeutic alliance
2. Expectation
--by seeking help, one will change
3. Hawthorne effect
--improvement as a result of receiving attention


What kind of therapy focuses on the idea that unconscious conflicts are repressed and cause difficulty?



These techniques define what kind of psychotherapy?

Free association;
Analysis of transference;
Analysis of resistance;
Dream interpretation

Psychoanalytical/Psychodynamic therapy


What are the two main goals of Psychoanalytical/Psychodynamic therapy?

Making the unconscious conscious (insight)
Understanding conflicts and behaviors


Which type of therapy has a longer time course, Psychoanalytical or Psychodynamic?

Psychoanalysis is more long-term therapy and focuses on the past more than psychodynamic therapy.


What are psychoanalysis and psychodynamic therapy used to treat?

1. Depression
2. Anxiety
3. Some personality disorders


What type of therapy is being described?

The idea that problematic attachments early in life predispose one to develop disorders that are expressed through troubled interpersonal relationships in the present.

Interpersonal therapy

Goal is to correct interpersonal relationships


What are the 4 major interpersonal problems mainly addressed in Interpersonal Therapy?

1. Loss and grief
2. Role disputes
3. Role transitions
4. Interpersonal deficits (for example role playing as part of the treatment process, used in adolescents)


How long does Interpersonal therapy last?

12-16 sessions, short-term, with a focus on current relationships


What kind of psychotherapy is indicated for depression and eating disorders equally?

Interpersonal therapy


What is the main idea behind Family Systems therapy?

The whole family is the patient
Aim: to help improve the family's relational health


When id Family Systems therapy indicated?

Children with CD;
Families dealing with conflict;
Children with other behavior problems;
Teenagers with SUDs or eating disorders.


What is the goal of Behavioral therapy?

Relieve symptoms by unlearning maladaptive behaviors


The following techniques define what kind of psychotherapy?

1. Systematic desensitization
2. Aversive conditioning
3. Flooding/implosion
4. Token economy

Behavioral therapy

Based on classical conditioning and operant conditioning


Give an example of aversive conditioning technique used in Behavioral therapy.

Alcohol ant-abuse
**very much classical conditioning**


The token economy technique of behavioral therapy is used to treat what disorders?

Psychotic disorders
Autism Spectrum disorder


Systematic desensitization and Flooding are behavioral therapy techniques used to treat:

**classical conditioning**


What is Applied Behavioral Analysis and in what context is it employed?

ABA is like operant conditioning, helps to push or design or train social interaction in patients with autism spectrum disorder
Provide immediate reinforcement to the patient, ie popcorn for making eye contact etc.


Define classical conditioning.

Phase 1: Unconditioned stimulus --> unconditioned response
Neutral stimulus is introduced with the unconditioned stimulus and elicits an orienting response

Phase 2: Neutral stimulus, followed by unconditioned stimulus --> unconditioned response

Phase 3: The now-conditioned response is all that is needed to elicit the new conditioned response


What is the basic component of Operant Conditioning?

The Reinforcer - the stimulus event that increases the probability that the operant behavior will occur


What is this? A stimulus that strengthens the response if it follows that response.

Positive reinforcer
Used in Operant Conditioning


What is this? An unpleasant stimulus that, if removed, strengthens the response that removes the stimulus

Negative reinforcer
Used in Operant Conditioning


Define this therapy technique:
Fixed number of responses required for reinforcement

Fixed ratio
Operant conditioning - partial reinforcement schedule


Define this therapy technique:
Number of responses required for reinforcement varies.

Variable ratio
Operant conditioning - partial reinforcement schedule


Define this therapy technique:
Fixed set of time must elapse before the next opportunity for reinforcement

Fixed interval
Operant conditioning - partial reinforcement schedule
example: paychecks


Define this therapy technique:
Time interval that must elapse before the next opportunity for reinforcement varies

Variable interval
Operant conditioning - partial reinforcement schedule
example: gambling


Define this therapy technique:
The presentation of an aversive stimulus, or the removal of a pleasant one following some behavior, which results in a decrease in the frequency of a response.

Part of Operant Conditioning


What is the difference between a negative reinforcer and punishment?

Negative reinforcement strengthens a behavior
Punishment weakens a behavior


What is this therapy technique?
The patient visualizes a series of anxiety-provoking stimuli while remaining relaxed.

Systematic desensitization


What is this therapy technique?
Direct exposure to a stimulus without the possibility of avoidance or escape



What is the goal of cognitive therapy?

The goal of cognitive therapy is to replace presumed distorted appraisals (driven by schemas) with more adaptive appraisals

Based on the idea that problems develop as a result of errors in thinking


In what kind of therapy are the following techniques employed?
Monitoring of thoughts;
Recognizing the relations among cognition, behavior and affect;
Testing the validity of automatic thoughts;
Substitute more realistic cognitions;
Identify and later alter schemas that predispose people to think in negative ways.

Cognitive therapy


How long does cognitive therapy typically last?

12-18 sessions

Useful in treating depression, anxiety disorders and eating disorders


Coping skills therapies of CBT does what?

Focus on developing a repertoire of skills to manage stressors


Cognitive restructuring methods of CBT aims to accomplish what?

Assume emotional distress is the consequence of maladaptive thoughts


Problem solving therapies of CBT does what?

Combines coping skills and cognitive restructuring methods


What is the 10-30-10 structure of a CBT session?

10 minutes for check-in;
30 minutes for therapeutic work;
10 minutes for summary and homework discussion


CBT focuses on past, present or future?

Future experiences


What is the mediational model behind CBT?

The idea that cognitive activity affects behavior

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