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What is a nucleus?

They are the thing that controls a cell. They have 46 chromosome making up 23 pairs.


What is a gene?

This is a thing that codes for a certain characteristic in your body. It is made of DNA.


What is a chromosome?

These are structures that are made of long pieces of DNA. There are 46 in a nucleus.


What is fertilisation?

This is where the nuclei where the male and female sex cells join.


What is an ovum?

An ovum is a female animal sex cells (e.g an egg) that is mature but not fertilised.


What is an ovule?

An ovule is the female sex cell in a plant.


What are sperm?

Sperm are the male sex cell in animals.


What is pollen?

Pollen is the male sex cell in a plant. These will fertilise a ovule if they land on a stigma (a bit on a plant).


What is selective breeding?

This is where plants or animals are chosen to breed due to certain characteristics. This is in the hope of the offspring having the chosen characteristic.


What is the process of inheritance?

It is the passing on of characteristics from parent to child.


What is environmental factors?

These are things that affect somethings characteristics but they are not inherited.


What is someone's genotype?

It is what genes they have.


What is someone's phenotype?

What characteristics you have/ what you look like.