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What is an investigative report?

A report that provides detailed information on the complete forensic investigation process.

Some of the elements of the report to contain:

-should contain a description of how the incident occurred

-should be technically sound and understandable

-should be property formatted, and there should be page and paragraph numbers for easy referencing

- should contain unambiguous conclusions, opinions, and recommendations, supported by figures and facts

-should adhere to local laws to be admissible in court

Exhibits relevant to the computer forensic report:
-photographs or diagrams
-curriculum vitae of witnesses


What is the purpose of a verbal formal report?

Generally delivered to a board of directors, to managers, or to a jury. An attorney should prepare a document called an examination plan. This document contains expected questions and relevant answers, and it guides the investigator. An investigator can propose changes, such as those involving clarificaqtion or definition, to the attorney if an expression or term is misused. The investigator should not include things that are not related to the report.


What is the purpose of a verbal informal report?

Less structured than a verbal formal report and is submitted to a person within the attorney's office. A preliminary report and should not be mishandled or inadvertently released. It mentions the areas of investigation yet to be completed, such as tests that may not have been concluded, interrogations, document production, and depositions.


What is the purpose of a written formal report?

Sworn under oath, such as an affidavit or declaration. Due to the formality: the first-person voice is preferred, using natural language (not slang). Essential to pay attention to word usage, grammar, spelling, and details while writing formal reports.


What is the purpose of a written informal report?

A report that precedes the main events of a particular case. Hish-risk documents that contain sensitive information that ould prove beneficial for the opposing counsel. The opposing counsel may receive the document in discovery.

Discovery- an attempt made to obtain documents before a trial. This may be a written request for admissions of act, depositions, or questions and answers written under oath.

Advisable to include the contents of this report (written, informal) in an informal verbal report. The investigator should summarize things such as subject system, tools used, and findings in the verbal informal report. Investigators should not destroy the written inormal report if produced (this act is considered destruction- or concealment of evidence, which in legal terms = spoliation)


Name four examples of demonstrative evidence:

The investigator can demonstrate the evidence using :
*floor plans


What is the purpose of supporting material in a report?

Supporting materials such as figures, tables, data, and equations help the story (the investigative report) unfold in an effective manner.

The investigator can reference the supporting material directly in the text. The points that the supporting material makes are integrated into the writing to enhance the impact.

Advisable to number figures and tables in the same order as they are introduced in the report. Ex: tables can be numbered as Table 1, Table 2, etc...
Full sentence captions are preferred, rather than simple titles as captions. if charts are used, they should be labeled, including axes and units. Tables and figures should be inserted after the paragraph in which they are discussed.


Testimonial evidence:

Oral evidence, presented by a competent eyewitness to the incident, that is releant and material to the case. Includes testimony from all the persons interviewed by the investigator in order of the date and time of the interview.