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Monica:this concerns me very much

We really are in deadly peril now. What atrocious luck the book should be missed so soon


Daisy: if we hand it back, mr scoblowski is sure to discover the clue

I say Daisy, do you think he suspects that we're the culprits, after all, we've actually told him that we're looking for the treasure


Daisy: he may sneak on us

Oh daisy how frightful! Perhaps we should chuck the whole affair in


Daisy: and let the Bolsheviks get their hands on the treasure?

You're right, Daisy, for the sake of the school...


Daisy: and England, no we must keep extremely quiet about the whole affair and admit to nothing

Honesta quam magna
Hinc spes effulget
I say look at the crowd around the notice board, let us through, Daisy! You, I and Belinda are all down for hockey trials on Thursday


Daisy: how spiffing

I say, daisy where are you off to?


Daisy: I left something on my desk



Daisy: until the sixth form

Come on daisy, we'd better cut along to the lab


Monica: You and trixie Martin to Coventry

I'd like to wipe the ground with the cheeky little beggar


Daisy: I sometimes think that grange-wood is a perfectly horrible, miserable school

You need bucking up old chum.... Got it! I'll arrange an interdormy bottle fight


Daisy: what's that?

It's like a pillow fight, but with hot water bottles. You fill them half full of water for extra suppleness and then Bang! You're off. It's a prime stunt. We'll do it tomorrow night after prayers when the prees are having their baths