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what three muscles attach on the greater tuberosity?

supraspinatus, infraspinatus, and teres minor


name the muscles found attaching in the intertubicular sulcus, from lateral lip, to medial

pecs, lats teres major


what important structures pass through the surgical neck of the humerus, (the weak spot)

axillary nerve, and posterior circumflex artery


what structures anchor the clavicle at the sternum?

a and p sternoclavicular ligament, costoclavicular lig, interclavicular lig


what ligaments are found at the claivic/ coracoid araea?

coraco clavicular ligament, made from the conoid and trapezius lig, coraco-acromial lig,


name some structures that help to stablize Gh joint

glenoid labrum, joint capsule and synovial sheath,


GH capsular ligaments:

transverse humeral, (S,M,I) glenohumoral, corocohumoral


where does the innervation to the trapezius run?

deep to traps (sup-inf) superficial to rhomboids is the spinal accessory nerve.


the axillary nerve (to what?) travels where to its muscle?

branches off the posterior cord, then travels behind the arm to the deltoid, wraps around with the post circumflex humoral artery


innervation to the lat is, and where?

Thoracodorsal, runs out of posterior cord, and then down through the axilla to the side of thorax (lat)


what innervates the teres major? and where does it go?

comes off the posterior cord, then follows the anterior surface of the scapula, wraps to front


what are the muscles of the rotator cuff?

supraspinatus, infraspinatus, subscapularis,teres minor


what passes through the triangular space?

the radial nerve (originates from posterior cord), as it passes to the back with the profunda brachii artery


how do you differentiate between circumflex scapular artery, and posterior circumflex artery?

scap passes through triangular space (medial to biceps), humoral is closer to bone, quadrangular space


which peripheral nerves branch off the superior trunk (and are thus c5, c6?

suprascapular, dorsal scapular, long thoracic (add 7) and subclavian


what nerve does the musculocutaneous nerve become?

the lateral cutaneous


what muscles are innervated by musculocutaneous?

biceps, corocobrachialis and brachialis