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Where is the pyramidal decussation?

Caudal medulla


Where are the superior (auditory) and inferior (visual) colliculi

Posterior midbrain


What are the 3 major fibre bundles in the posterior pons?

Superior, inferior, and middle cerebellar peduncles


Where is the 4th ventricle located

Over the posterior rostral pons and caudal medulla


What is the obex?

Opening of central canal (from SC) into the medulla


What is carried by the fasciculus gracilis? Where is it found

sensory information (fine touch,proprioception, vibration) from lower body, below T6 Posterior medulla


What is carried by the fasciculus cuneatus? Where is it found

sensory information (fine touch,proprioception, vibration) from upper body, above T6


What are the names of the tubercles found in the caudal medulla?

gracile tubercle and cuneate tubercle


Where is the tuberculum cinereum

Overlies spinal tract of the trigeminal nerve and lies immediately lateral to fasciculus cuneatus


Which three regions do all levels of the brainstem have rostral to the obex?

1. Tectum (area posterior to the ventricular space) 2. Tegmentum (area anterior to the ventricular space) 3. Base/Large structures "appended" to the anterior surface


What is the tectum in the midbrain comprised of?

Sup and inf colliculi


What is found in the tectum of the pons and rostral medulla?

Inferior and superior medullary vela (singular, velum; which form roof of 4th ventricle)


What is found in the tectum (space anterior to the 4th ventricle)?

Reticular formation nuclei; cranial nerve nuclei and tracts; ascending tracts from spinal cord; descending tracts


Which 3 structures form the anterior "base" at each level of the brainstem?

1. In midbrain - crus cerebri 2. pons - basal pons 3. In medulla - pyramids -contain corticospinal, corticobulbar and corticopontine fiber


Describe the location of the gracile and cuneate tubercles on the anterior brainstem

anterior to obex


What structures can be found within the basal pons

Descending corticospinal and corticobulbar fibers (from cortex to motor nuclei of cranial nerves); Pontine nuclei; Transverse pontine fibers


At what level of the brainstem do spinothalamic and medial-lemniscal fibres appear "side-by-side"

Caudal pons


At what level of the brain stem does the spinothalamic tract appear POSTERIOR to the medial lemniscus?

rostral midbrain