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“Built like a gorilla but less timid”

Gorillas are scary
This animal has noticeable strength and power
There is something savage and untamed about the cop


“‘Hiya honey’ is no cliche”

Contrasting between good and bad
The cop is glad to use this phrase
He is able to return home and is still alive
He will never get tired of saying it


“Should he plunge through the violence”

Dramatic downward movement to imply brutality and conflict can happen
The cop will be in a situation where he has to deal with something extremely dangerous


“he might, this time”

Living on the edge
The job is dangerous and brutal
The implication is that perhaps we should not judge him so harshly when there is a possibility that he will not make it home to his family


“his victims?”

The cop can be as violent as the criminals
He needs to do things that are against the laws in order to both get his job done and survive
The setting of New York is presented as extremely brutal and savage, a place where violent acts take place all the time