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What is the primary concern of authorities in charge of food and beverage legislation?

To ensure that what is sold is safe and fit for human consumption


Give an example of an area of food safety which is particularly important in the area of wine



What is the issue if SO2 levels are not monitored?

High levels can be toxic


Name a safety measure taken pertaining to SO2

In most countries, the words 'contains sulphites' must appear on the label


Why is it unlikely that a winery will not need to write 'contains sulfites'?

Because fermentation produces an amount of sulfites anyway


What is the main responsibility of the entity that puts a product on sale when it comes to labelling?

That descriptions and claims made on packaging are accurate


What is the result on labelling legislation stemming from the necessity of accurate information

Label information needs to be clear and able to be checked


Which two aspects of label integrity are the most important?

Geographical indications
Legally defined quality and style indications


Why are geographical indications a common feature on a wine label?

Because the area where grapes are grown can have a defining influence on the style and quality of the wine


Literally speaking, what is a GI?

A designated vineyard area within a country


Roughly how large are GIs?

They can cover an entire region (e.g. Bordeaux) or a single vineyard (e.g. La Romanee)


What is a major risk for wines that sell at a premium price?



Why is GI law relatively complicated?

Because when more than one country is involved in the making of the wine, more than one jurisdiction is at play


How are the complications of GI law managed uniformly?

A GI system has been created by the WTO which all major wine producing countries adhere to


Give an example of a wine-labelling situation which has been changed as a result of WTO GIs/agreements

Australians no longer use the term 'Chablis' (or any EU GIs) for any of their wines


List two important regulations enforced regarding WTO GIs

If a GI is stated on a label, then typically 85% of the liquid in the bottle will come from that GI (this is not a standard though)
There are significant variations between the way that GI legislation within the EU and outside of it


How are standards different for PDOs?

100% of grapes must come from the stated region for PDOs


How many quality categories are EU GIs split into? What are they?

Protected Designation of Origin (PDO)
Protected Geographical Indication (PGI)


Broadly speaking, what is the difference between PDOs and PGIs?

PDOs are smaller areas with more tightly defined regulations


What is the term most commonly used in place of PDO in France? What does it stand for?

Appellation d'origine controlee


What is the french term for PDO?

Appellation d'origine protegee


What is increasingly being used in France in place of Vin de Pays?

IGP (Indication géographique protegee)


What makes european GIs unique?

Local laws will typically also state what grape varieties can be grown and what grape-growing and winemaking techniques can be used


What is the theoretical result of european GIs combining with stringent local laws?

By identifying grape varieties and processes that were used create the region's best wines, the system can protect what is seen as the unique identity of local wines


What does the european GI system promote?

Quality and fraud prevention


How is the principle that european GI laws prevent fraud, further reinforced by PDO law?

PDO rules state that 100% of grapes must come from the stated GI


Give two reasons as to why many producers prefer to make wines in the PGI category as opposed to the PDO category

The PGI category allows the use of non-traditional varieties in the blend and rules governing production are less strict


Loosely describe PGI wines

They can range from wines of exceptional quality which simply fall outside of PDO boundaries, to inexpensive high-volume wines


What is a notable labelling difference between PGI wines and PDO wines?

PGI wines will usually state grape variety on the label


What category of wine offers european winemakers the most flexible production rules?

Wine without a GI