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Crash course (n)

A course that teaches you a lot of basic facts in a very short time:
I did/took a crash course in French before my trip to Paris.


Follow-up (n)

A further action connected with something that happened before:
This meeting is a follow-up to the one we had last month.


Be on the lookout for sth/sb

To search for something or someone:
I'm always on the lookout for interesting new recipes.


Don't forget to wrap ____ warm when you go out. It's freezing this morning. (put warm clothes on)



Troublesome (adj)

Causing a lot of problems for someone:
Her hip has been troublesome for quite a while, and she'll probably need surgery on it.
The negotiations have proven more troublesome than any of us expected.



Troublemaker (n)

Someone who intentionally causes problems for other people, especially people who are in a position of power or authority:
I was worried that I would be regarded as a troublemaker if I complained about the safety standards.


You always look so shy and uncomfortable at parties. Why don't you just relax and ____ yourself go?



At that time or at the time?

‘At that time’ refers back to a time that has been previously described:
‘He was born in 1825. At that time there were no cars.’
‘At the time’ refers directly to a specific time:
‘At the time he was born there were no cars.’
‘At the time’ is often used to describe a specific time with the past continuous.
‘She was watching TV at the time.’


...incorporated sth ___ the national diet



Prior to sth

Before a particular time or event:
the weeks prior to her death


Taken all ___, these influences from abroad have made Thai cooking a strongly regional set of cuisines.



Playful (adj)

Funny and not serious:
A playful exchange of insults
He was in a playful mood.

Playfully (adv)


Hold-up noun (CRIME)

An occasion when someone steals from someone else using violence or the threat of violence:
In the hold-up, a masked youth threatened the bank staff with a gun.


Phrasal verbs:
1. Put off
2. Call off
3. Pulled apart
4. Put in (We've had a second bathroom ____ for our guests to use)
5. Be told off (tell sb off)
6. Own up
7. Be beaten up
8. Tired out

1. postpone
2. Cancel
3. Severely criticised
4. Installed
5. Reprimand
6. Confess
7. Assaulted
8. Exhausted


Up for grabs

Available and ready to be won or taken:
There are hundreds of prizes up for grabs.


Straight face

A serious expression on your face that you use when you do not want someone to know that you think something is funny:
Blake looked ridiculous in leather trousers, and I was desperately trying to keep a straight face.


Lay sb off

To stop employing someone, usually because there is no work for them to do:
Because of falling orders, the company has been forced to lay off several hundred workers.


Make up your mind (also make your mind up)

To decide:
I haven't made up my mind where to go yet.


Irrespective (adj)

Without considering; not needing to allow for:
The legislation must be applied irrespective of someone's ethnic origins.


Comply (v)

To act according to an order, set of rules, or request:
He's been ordered to have the dog destroyed because it's dangerous, but he refuses to comply.
There are serious penalties for failure to comply with the regulations.


They want us to book ___, which is fair enough

In advance
Before going


Keep your/an eye on sth/sb

To watch or take care of something or someone:
Will you keep your eye on my suitcase while I go to get the tickets?


Go according to plan

To happen in the way you intend:
Events of this type rarely go according to plan.


Iron sth out

To remove problems or find solutions:
We're still trying to iron out some problems with the computer system.
We hope they can iron out their differences and get on with working together.


If anything goes wrong with the watch while it's ____ guarantee I can get my money back.



Interest/affect strongly

Grip (sb)
To keep someone's attention completely:
This trial has gripped the whole nation.
I was gripped throughout the entire two hours of the film


Highly motivated

Driven (by/to -ing)


Strong desire/urge (to + inf.)

Compulsion (for/to + inf.)


Search (for)

Quest (for) [formal]



...because of the security risk
To risk life and limb doing sth
There is an element of risk in sth
Risky business
At your own risk
Without a vaccination, you run the risk of catching measles.