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Lose your head [informal]

To lose control and not act in a calm way:
He usually stays quite calm in meetings but this time he just lost his head.


Down-to-earth (adj)

Practical, reasonable, and friendly:
She's a down-to-earth woman with no pretensions.


Break-in (n)

An occasion when a building is entered illegally by a criminal or criminals, usually by damaging a window or door, especially in order to steal something



Most recent; containing the most recent information:
Now we're going live to our reporter in Washington for up-to-the-minute news on the crisis.


Homage (n)

Deep respect and often praise shown for a person or god:
On this occasion we pay homage to him for his achievements.


Come together

To start working successfully with each other:
I remember how the community came together and were so supportive of each other.


To ___ an ambition/a dream



To ___ an expectation



To ___ a goal



Deceit (n)

(an act of) keeping the truth hidden, especially to get an advantage:
The story is about theft, fraud, and deceit on an incredible scale.
When the newspapers published the full story, all his earlier deceits were revealed.

Deceitful (adj) - e.g.: deceitful behaviour

Deceitfully (adv)

Deceitfulness (n)


Desert (v)

desert verb (LEAVE BEHIND)

› To leave someone without help or in a difficult situation and not come back:
He deserted his wife and family for another woman.

› If a quality deserts you, you suddenly and temporarily lose it:
All my confidence/courage deserted me when I walked into the exam.


Prey on sb's mind

If a problem preys on your mind, you think about it and worry about it a lot:
I lost my temper with her the other day and it's been preying on my mind ever since.


A load/weight off your mind

An occasion when a problem that has been worrying you stops or is dealt with:
I'm so relieved that I don't have to make a speech - it's such a weight off my mind!


Elated (adj)

Extremely happy and excited, often because something has happened or been achieved:
The prince was reported to be elated at/by the birth of his daughter.


Speaks for itself

If something speaks for itself, it is clear and needs no further explanation:
The school's excellent record speaks for itself.


Spare a thought for sb

To think about someone who is in a difficult or unpleasant situation:
Spare a thought for me tomorrow, when you're lying on a beach, because I'll still be here in the office!


Make up for sth

To take the place of something lost or damaged or to compensate for something bad with something good:
No amount of money can make up for the death of a child.
This year's good harvest will make up for last year's bad one.
[+ -ing verb] He bought me dinner to make up for being so late the day before.


Come down to sth

If a situation or decision comes down to something, that is the thing that influences it most:
What it all comes down to is your incredible insecurity.
It all comes down to money in the end.
[+ question word] Eventually our choice of hotel will come down to how much we can afford.

› If a situation or problem comes down to something, it can be described or explained most simply in that way:
What the problem comes down to is whether the consumer will be willing to pay more for a higher quality product.


Go in for sth

› To do something regularly, or to enjoy something:
I've never really gone in for classical music, but I love jazz.

› To take part in a competition:
Are you planning to go in for the 100 metres race?


Club together

If a group of people club together, they share the cost of something between them:
If we club together, we'll be able to get her the complete dinner set.


Beside the point

Not important or not related to the subject being discussed:
The fact that he doesn't want to come is beside the point - he should have been invited.


Complementary (adj)

Useful or attractive together:
Complementary colours/flavours/skills
My family and my job both play an important part in my life, fulfilling separate but complementary needs.


Complimentary (adj)

Praising or expressing admiration for someone:
The reviews of his latest film have been highly complimentary.
She wasn't very complimentary about your performance, was she?
Our guests said some very complimentary things about the meal I'd cooked.


Stationary (adj)

Not moving, or not changing:
A stationary car/train
The traffic got slower and slower until it was stationary.
The rate of inflation has been stationary for several months.


Stationery (adj)

› The things needed for writing, such as paper, pens, pencils, and envelopes
› Good quality paper for writing letters on and matching envelopes


Idle (adj)

› Not working or being used:
Half these factories now stand idle.
It's crazy to have £7,000 sitting idle in the bank.

› An idle moment or period of time is one in which there is no work or activity:
If you have an idle moment, call me.

› Without work:
Almost half of the workforce are now idle.


Miner (n)

A person who works in a mine:
A coal miner


Thorough (adj)

› Detailed and careful:
a thorough revision of the manuscript
They did a thorough search of the area but found nothing.

› Complete, very great, or very much:
It was a thorough waste of time.


Grant (v)

› To give or allow someone something, usually in an official way:
They granted her an entry visa.
He was granted asylum.
formal She granted their request/wish.

› Take sth for granted
To believe something to be the truth without even thinking about it:
I didn't realize that Melanie hadn't been to college - I suppose I just took it for granted.

› Take sth or sb for granted
If you take situations or people for granted, you do not realize or show that you are grateful for how much you get from them:
One of the problems with relationships is that after a while you just take each other for granted.


To ___ your duties