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What are advantages to chemotherapy?

Eliminates micro-mestasteses


What are disadvantages of chemotherapy?

Lacks selective toxicity. It's cytotoxic to normal cells.


What is alopecia?

Hair falling out


Anti-cancer drugs kill cells according to what?

first order kinetics.


Reasons why giving chemo has lesser cell kill than theoretical?

- Toxicity: bone marrow suppression so treatment may have to be delayed for blood count to recover.

- Drug resistance: nearly always develps.

- Tumour growth characteristics: As tumor grows, cells are dormant and hard to kill.


What are CCS agents?

Cell cycle specific agents.
They act during a certain phase in the cycle. G0 seems to be unaffected


Examples of CCS agents?

Antimetabolites - methotrexate (Stop DNA synthesis)
Antimicrotubules - vinca alkaloids (induce metaphase arrest)
Podophyllin alkaloids - etopside (inhibit topoisomerase causing damage)


What are CCNS agents?

cell cycle non specific agents. Kill both dividing and G0 cells.


Examples of CCNS agents?

Alkylating agents
Anthracycline antibiotics
Platinum drugs
Hormonal agents


What are the 4 mechanisms of resistance?

1. Enhanced expression/alteration of target
2. Incr. production of glutathione (GSH) - inactivates drug and aids in elimination
3. Incr. repair capacity for DNA damage
4. Incr. expression of P-glycoprotein efflux pump (actively pumps out dru)


What is the best combination to over come resistance?

Use maximum tolerated does at the outset - initial aggressive therapy.