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Feline heartworms

Treatment--adulticide therapy?

  • Adulticide treatment no longer recommended
    • Melarsamine not very effective + severe rxns and toxicities
    • Survival w/ prophylaxis and symptomatic treatment = survival w/ adulticide therapy


Feline heartworm

Treatment--"accepted" guidelines

  • Asymptomatic, ag/ab positive, normal rads
    • No treatment; prophylaxis
  • Symptomatic, ag/ab positive, abnormal rads
    • No adulticide--just supportive pred as needed, no aspirin
    • Crisis--oxygen, dex/pred IV, furosemide, ACE, digoxin
  • Physical removal poss--jugular venotomy, thoracotomy, and atriotomy/pulmonary arteriotomy (var. results)
  • Ivermectin at prophylactic dose (1 study)


Feline heartworm


  • RECOMMENDED, esp. in endemic areas
  • Heartgard, milbemax, revolution, advantage multi
  • Ab tests might become + 
  • Questionable if screening tests necessary before prophylaxis


Feline heartworm



  • Prognosis--guarded
    • Sudden death can occur w/ only 1 worm
    • Good if placed on preventatives and survives past 2 years
  • DDx
    • Coughing--parasitic lung disease--Aleurostrongylus
    • Paragonimus--feline asthma, cardiomyopathy
    • Dyspnea--pleural effusion, FIP, anemia, lymphosarcoma