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what is an example of an area switched off from globalisation and how?

North Korea
-been poorly managed since the war in 1953
-country is independent and self reliant, meaning it can't globalise.


what's an example of an air travel company that has fuelled globalisation

Easy jet
-flight became cheaper making intonational travel more accessible
-increases tourism in Europe
-increased connectivity and communication


what are some UK policies that help increase globalisation?

-free market liberalisation: believes government intervention slows down economic development
-privatisation: areas owned b state sold to private investors to reduce government spending
-encouraging business start-ups: low business taxes in other countries allow for fast profit


what's an example of a country that have attempted to control globalisation?

-TNC's invest so offer employment
-agreed to export more rare earth minerals to other countries (open door)
-google and facebook have no access in china (closed door policy)


what is a continent that's predominantly switched-off?

-corruption (politically unstable)
-unskilled labour
-weak market
-unstable currencies


what is an example of a mega-city in India?

population of 12 million
-lack of space= overcrowding
-poor education
-poor public health care
-housing too expensive
-introduced new ways of generating power: nuclear (provides job but bad for the environment)


what is an example of a mega-city in Pakistan?

-population of 15 million (strain on services, environment- slums/ shanty towns, sewage and pollution)
- poverty leads to violence and crime
-low tax (bad for economy but good for the people)
-many homes made of bamboo
-informal work


what is an example of a global hub?

-has different types of global flows or connections
-Panama is joined to north and south America by bridge
-directly involved in 5% of global trades
-large international airport
-stable democratic government
-stable currency (US$)


what's an example of a policy created by a government to limit external influence?

Great firewall of China
-was developed by authoritarian gov. to limit what public has access to online
-block websites
-can monitor the publics computing
-2 million people manage the firewall and update it
-ensure survival of communist party and then staying in control
-has led to a 3000% increase in GDP in 25 years