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Function of a mitochondrion?

To produce energy FROM RESPIRATION


Function of a ribosome?

To make proteins FROM AMINO ACIDS


What is in a sap vacuole?

Sap: sugars/salts solution in water


Function of cytoplasm?

Majority of chemical reactions take place


Adaptations of a sperm cell and what does it do?

Tail - swim to egg; 'neck' with many mitochondria - to provide energy from respiration (potentially 3 marks); enzymes in the tip - dissolve egg cell membrane to enter


Adaptations of a root hair cell and what does it do?

Hair-like structure - increase surface area to absorb more water/minerals; no chloroplasts - doesn't have access to sunlight


Adaptations of a red blood cell and what does it do?

No nucleus - more space to carry oxygen; concave shape for large surface area - absorb more oxygen