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Following Jewish Teachings

Laws like the Ten Commandments instruct Jews on how to lead upright and honorable lives.
A larger set of laws and practices developed over time, such as loving your neighbors, keeping a Sabbath, and the celebration of Passover. Jews observe these rules and practices in different ways.


Equality and Social Justice

Belief that God considers all people equal, and treating people fairly and caring for less fortunate people are important.
Stories and sayings teach about treating everyone fairly. Caring for those less fortunate in society is a basic value in Judaism.


Importance of Study

Studying the Hebrew Bible, the Talmud, and other writings.
Jews value study and learning. Many Jews learn about Jewish history, law, and tradition through reading and discussion. They also pass on their knowledge to other members of faith.



Belief in one God who is the source of standards of morality.
Judaism is the worlds oldest monotheistic religion. Through study of sacred texts, and through prayer, many Jews feel that God is close to them in their daily lives.