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biodiversity, which is short for “biological diversity,” usually refers to the number of different species in a given area.



A gene is a piece of DNA that codes for a specific trait that can be inherited by an organism’s offspring


keystone species

keystone species. One example of a keystone species is the sea otter.


eco- tourism

eco- tourism , which is a form of tourism that supports the conservation and sustainable development of ecologically unique areas


endangered species

An endangered species is a species that is likely to become extinct if protective measures are not taken immediately.


threatened species

threatened species is a species that has a declining population and that is likely to becomee ndangered if it is not protected.


exotic species

An exotic species is a species that is not native to a particular region.Even such familiar organisms as cats and rats are considered to be exoticspecies when they are brought to regions where they never lived before



However, these activities continue illegally, a crime known as poaching. In poor countries especially, local species are an ob-vious source of food, medicine, or income. In addition, not all threatened species are legally protected.


endemic species

endemic species, which are species that are native to and found only within a limited area.


Germ plasm

Germ plasm is any form of genetic material, such as that contained within the reproductive, or germ, cells of animals and plants. Germ-plasm banks store germ plasm for future use in research or species-recovery efforts.


Endangered Species Act

Endangered Species Act and has amended it several times since. This law, summarized in Figure 3.5, is designed to protect plant and animal species in danger of extinction


conservation plan

One form of compromise is a habitat
conservation plan—a plan that at-tempts to protect one or more species across large areas of land throughtrade-offs or cooperative agreements.


Biodiversity Treaty

An important result of the Earth Summit was an international agreement called the Biodiversity Treaty