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Income distribution data can be presented graphically using a...

Lorenz Curve


The degree of inequality is often measured with a...

Gini Coefficient


A test which sets a specific income level and defines a person as poor if his or her income falls below that level is called...

an absolute income test


A test in which people whose incomes fall at the bottom of the income distribution are considered poor is called...

relative income test


The federal government defines a household as poor if the household’s annual income falls below a dollar figure called the...

Poverty Line


The percentage of the population that falls below the poverty line is called the...

Poverty Rate


The array of programs that government provides to alleviate poverty are called...

Welfare Programs


What is a money payment that a recipient can spend as he or she wishes.

Cash assistance


The provision of specific goods and services, such as food or medical services, job training, or subsidized child care rather than cash is called...

Noncash assistance


This occurs when people with similar economic characteristics experience different economic outcomes because of their race, sex, or other noneconomic characteristics.