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What does SMPTE stand for?

The Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers


SMPTE has done what?

described the format, dimensions, and contrast characteristics of a pattern used to make measurements of the resolution of display systems.


What does the SMPTE pattern do?

most commonly it is the observation of 5% and 95% luminance patches. This helps to point out any gross deviations in luminance adjustments.


Who recommends that the SMPTE pattern be used for QC purposes?

the American College of Radiology (ACR)


What is NEMA?

National Electrical Manufacturers Association


What is the DICOM standard?

A standard that ACR and NEMA founded to allow medical images to be transferred according to the DICOM standard to be displayed on any DICOM compatible display device with a consistant gray scale.


What is GSDF?

Gray Scale Display Function (DICOM standard) it is now mandated for all digital display devices.


What is DIN 2001 and who is behind it?

It was developed as an acceptance testing standard to address teh requirement for digital display devices. The German standards institution, Deutsches Institut fur Normung



the Flat Panel Display Measurement standard that was released by the Video Electronics Standard Association.


Luminance meter should be able to measure luminance in the range of ...

0.05 to 1000 cd/m^2 with better than 5% accuracy and a precision of at least 0.01


What does the TG 18-QC test pattern test for?

Geometric distortion


How does the TG 18-QC test pattern work?

By filling the entire screen with the test pattern, one can look for pincushion and barrel like distortions.