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What was the name of the expedition to the southern Louisiana purchase the limits that was canceled by Pres. Jefferson

Hunter and Dunbar expedition


What three places did Hunter And then bar explorer instead

Washita River North Louisiana red and black rivers


What are their unique Arkansas water student Dunbar and Hunter study

Hot Springs and Washita


Who did Pres. Jefferson send to find the source of the red river

Freeman and Peter Curtis


Three things to many of the early settlers in Arkansas made their way to the region

Rivers in the Southeast Trail


Need to wasted new Majori earthquakes of 1811 impacted the surrounding land

The Mississippi River change course and it knocked down for groceries


Siri actions by the British that contributed to the water 1812

They attacked American ships and impressed American sailors and encouraged Indians to attack Americans


Hey what's old hickory

Gen. Andrew Jackson


What did he do during the war of 1812

He protected New Orleans


He created the township pattern used to divide million following the war of 1812

Thomas Jefferson


Following the war how did the United States government encourage settlers to come to Arkansas

They gave away free land


What year is in Swis for service established on the western border Arkansas frontier

To keep peace with tribes it to bring the law in order to the region


How many acres of land in Arkansas squall pause agreed to give the United States government in a tree of 1818

30,000,000 acres


What was the name of the mission in school by the turkey and poop county

Dwight mission


Hey Craig Cherokee alphabet the neighbor many people to read and write in the



With five County to the Missouri territory were excluded from the Mississippi State hey petition

Polaski Hempstead Arkansas Clark Laredo's


What two things do the Missouri compromise require

The power of balance remaining equaland Missouri would be the last slave state of Arkansas in the restaurant before freak