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The person (or persons) assigned and authorized by the fire chief as the manager of the fire department's safety and health program.

Health and Safety Officer (HSO)


According to NIMS, a member of the command staff responsible for monitoring and assessing safety hazards or unsafe situations and developing measures for ensuring personnel safety.

Incident Safety Officer (ISO)


What can an effective ISO be able to reduce?

The chance of firefighter injury or death.


What was developed through Homeland Security Presidential Directive 5 (HSPD-5) to create and mandate a consistent nationwide approach to prepare, respond, and recover from domestic incidents regardless of cause, size, or complexity.

National Incident Management System (NIMS)


What was created in 1970, when Congress passed the William Stieger Act, which included the Occupational Safety and Health act?

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)


Which act was signed into law by President Nixon that gives equal rights and responsibility to employers and employees with respect to safe working conditions.

Occupational Safety and Health Act


Which program was developed and used for multiagency incidents on the West Coast?

FIRESCOPE (Fire Resources of Southern California Organized fro Potential Emergencies)


What was developed and adopted that established the roots of risk management and a dedicated safety officer in today's fire service?

NFPA 1500, FD Occupational Safety and Health Program


What simple premise was the role of a fire department incident safety officer based on?

We (in the fire service) have not done a good job taking care of our own people.


Who can help reduce the potential for firefighter fatalities?

A trained, persuasive ISO


What are not free; costly and the cost is based on history: the number of claims and the cost of the claims?

Worker compensation programs


What is referred to as how the general public views us and how we perceive ourselves?

Image study


What feelings will fill the fire house following a significant event?

Concern, introspection, and even trepidation


What can have a damaging effect on a personal level on the involved families?

Firefighter injury


What program should be created that is the incident commander's key to incident safety?

An effective incident safety officer program


What title has been focused on preventing injury and the loss of life through solid risk management and hazard reduction?

"Safety officer"


What is the responsibility of the Incident Safety Officer?

Hazard identification and communication


What was developed and used for multiagency incidents on the West Coast in the 1970s?



What is the responsibility of the Health and Safety Officer?

OSHA compliance


What is the experience modifier based upon for firefighter worker's compensation rates?

Three-year loss experience


What portion of firefighter deaths occur at the incident scene?



What is less obvious result of serious firefighter injury?

work slowdown


What is used by the National Wildfire Coordinating Group?



Current fire service:

There have been equipment advancements, decrease in the number of fires and an increase in firefighter injuries.


Which is the member of the fire department assigned and authorized by the fire chief as the manager of the occupational safety and health program?

Health and Safety Officer (HSO)


Which responsibility overlaps between the Health and Safety Officer and the Incident Safety Officer?

Accident investigation