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Water Provides shape and structure to cells

Approximately two-thirds of the body’s water is located within cells. Muscle cells have a higher concentration than fat.


Water Regulates body temperature

Water absorbs heat slowly, the large amount contained in the body helps to maintain homeostasis despite fluctuations in environmental temperatures. Sweat from the skin cools the body.


Water Aids in the digestion and absorption of nutrients

Water is secreted in the GI tract to aid in digestion and absorption. The water contained in the GI secretions is reabsorbed in the ileum and colon.


Water Transports nutrients and oxygen to cells

By moistening the air sacs in the lungs, water allows oxygen to dissolve and move into blood for distribution throughout the body.


Water Serves as a solvent for vitamins, minerals, glucose, and amino acids

The solvating property of water is vital for health and survival.


Water Participates in metabolic reactions

It is used in the synthesis of hor- mones and enzymes.