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Describe the result of adding a large positive number and a smaller negative number

result is smaller positive number, same as ignoring the signs and subtracting smaller number


How do you convert a fraction into a decimal?

Divide the top number by bottom number


What is the key step in order to add or subtract unlike fractions

finding the lowest common denominator


How do you divide one fraction by another

Invert divisor (flip over the second fraction) and multiply both numerators and denominators (top and bottom numbers)


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How can you convert a decimal into a percent

Multiply decimal by 100 and add % sign, or

move decimal TWO places to the RIGHT and add %

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How do you convert a fraction to a percent

Convert to decimal, move decimal two places to the right, add %

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How do you change a decimal to nearest equivalent fraction

Multiply decimal by desired denominator, result becomes numerator of fraction (try to get closest to whole number)


Two different ways a ratio can be expressed?

1- as a fraction
2- placing a colon between the numbers (5:54)
3- using the word "to" between the numbers


What is a proportion?

a statement of equality (=) between two or more ratios:

1/2 = 4/8,

45/90 = x/100


What is meant by the root of a number?

A root is two or more equal smaller numbers that when multiplied equal the specified number:

the second (square) root of 9 is 3,

the fifth root of 32 is 2


How do you find the square of a number? Give an example.

multiply the number times itself-

4 X 4=16,

10 X 10= 100


What is a common method of making computations involving very large or very small numbers more manageable?

Convert the numbers into scientific notation by using powers of 10.

7,234,000 = 7.234 X 106


How is 100,000 expressed as a power of 10?

10 to the fifth



what formula is used to find the area of a rectangle and of a triangle?

Rectangle Area = Length x Width

A = L x W

Triangle Area = 1/2 x Base x Height

A = .5 x B x H


Define Pi

A constant that expresses the relationship between circumference and diameter of a circle, approximately 3.14159 (number of times the diameter goes into the circumference)



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Describe a trapezoid

A trapezoid is a closed, four-sided figure having two parallel sides and two sides that are not parallel.

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What is the formula for the area of a circle?

A = Pi x r2


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