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What two broad characteristics may divers expect in a PADI Divemaster?

Professionalism and Role Model Behaviour


What characteristics does a good role model PADI Divemaster have?

- Excellent dive skills
- Exuding confidence and prioritising personal safety and safety of others
- Practising safe responsible diving
- Reading people and situations, and making good judgement calls
- Demonstrating care for the environment
- Equipped with up to date, maintained equipment
- Having good fitness
- Keeping up with dive and environmental trends and practices
- Easily building rapport with others/ people person
- Demonstrating customer service


How may role model behaviour affect other divers?

- Reinforces responsible diving habits
- Reinforces what students learn
- Enhances your credibility to encourage divers


Why do divers want the assistance of a PADI Divemaster?

- Know where to find the best diving
- Handle dive logistics
- Recommend techniques for local conditions
- Can handle difficulties
- Provide information to improve safety and fun of diving


What are the benefits of being a PADI Divemaster and PADI Pro?

- The most professional support services in the dive industry
- Professional print and electronic publications
- Access to the Pro's Site
- The ability to conduct some PADI programmes independently


What are the responsibilities of a PADI Divemaster?

- Keeping up to date with changes in the Training bulletin
- Follow PADI Standards
- Putting the safety of students, customers and divers first
- Adhering to the Code of Practices


What is a mentor - instructor relationship look like?

- Your instructor is interested in what you think and why
- Like a mentor/ protege relationship


What characteristic allows experts to more easily solve problems than nonexperts?

- Large knowledge and experience base to draw upon


Why does it benefit you to have a dive reference library (DFL) and what resources could you draw upon?

- More knowledge at your fingertips to easily solve problems when required
i.e The Encyclopedia of Recreational Diving, podcasts, websites, books


How does additional training help you gain experience?

- Providing dive opportunities
- More useful as an assistant
- Increases employability, (i.e knowledge of how to fix a boat engine)