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Which of the following did NOT occur during the Decade of the Brain (1990's)

B. It was discovered that neurons conduct electricity.


Who among the following is credited with establishing the first psychology laboratory in Germany in 1879.

A. Wilhelm Wundt


Dr. Locke is a philosopher who believes that there is no distinction between the physical brain and the mind. This position is known as.

A. Materialistic monoism


_ was a dualist

D. Descartes


According to the hydraulic model of the nervous system,

B. Nerves were hollow tubes that allowed animal spirits to flow through them.


Descartes believed that the "seat of the soul" was located in the

C. Pineal gland


Through their experiments, Fritsch and Hitzig showed that

D. Muscle movement is the result of brain stimulation


Who discovered that nerves conduct electricity at a rate significantly slower than the speed of light.

A. Hermann von Helmholtz


Broca's mute pt had damage to his

C. Left hemisphere


The 19th century belief that over 35 mental faculties were located in specific parts of the brain was known as

C. Phrenology


With the exception of egg and sperm cells, all human body cells have

B. 46 Chromosomes


If you underwent a procedure to test for a particularly disease that is triggered by a defective protein inherited from your parents, what SPECIFIC genetic component will they be looking for?

C. A particular allele of a gene


Female humans have

A. 2 X chromosomes


At 6 weeks after conception, a developing human is known as

C. Embryo


How many different bases make up DNA

C. 4



D. are proteins, are produced as a result of a genetic mechanism, modify chemical reactions in the body (all of the above)


The allele for right over left hand clasping preference is recessive. John and Sue both show this hand clasping preference. What preference will their children have.

C. all right


Which of the following is FALSE regarding red-green color blindness

B. A female cannot be red-green colored blind.


George is heterozygous for the dominant allele for hand clasping preference (left over right), and his son is homozygous for the dominant allele. Which of the following statements is true.

A. George and Jason have the same phenotype but different genotypes.


A trait is polygenic if

C. It is influenced by more than one gene


Which of the following is believed to have a genetic basis

D All of the above. Sexual orientation, drug addiction, and personality.


Which of the following is TRUE of the human genome?

A. Nearly all of the base-pair sequences have been mapped.


The differential survival of organisms with more adaptive traits is known as

C. Natural selection


Which of the following is NOT true of gene activity

A. Once a gene becomes inactive, it remains inactive.


Which of the following has the HIGHEST degree of heritability

C. Height


If people from similar environments are sampled, estimates of heritability for traits will be __ people from different environments are sampled.

B. Higher than if


The BEST way to think about the relationship among genes, environment, and intelligence is that

A. Genes set the potential range, and environment determines the actual capacity.