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What unit in an anti-skid system generates the anti-skid warning signal?

The Control unit


How is a pilot alerted that an anti-skid system has automatically returned to a manual brake system?

Warning light


What is the significance of an anti-skid warning?

The system is off or has failed


How does the stall warning system in a small aircraft alert the pilot of an impending stall?

By an audible alert and/or warning light


What devices are used to provide warnings for a retractable landing gear system?

A horn or other aural device, and

a red warning light(s)


How can a pilot determine that the landing gear is down and locked?

A green light or other visual indicator


Name at least two conditions that would activate a takeoff configuration warning system in a jet transport aircraft

Incorrect leading or trailing edge flap position, stabilizer position, or

speed brake not stowed


What landing gear positions must be indicated by regulations?

Down and locked,

Up and locked


Under what conditions will a landing gear aural warning sound?

When the throttle is retarded and

the landing gear is not down and locked


How does a takeoff configuration warning differ from a landing gear warning?

Takeoff warnings are usually intermittent horn,

while landing gear are steady horn


What is the function of a mach airspeed warning system?

To alert the pilot that the never exceed air speed limit has been reached or exceeded


What systems are commonly used to activate the landing gear warning systems?

Throttles and wing flaps


Why do airplanes with bleed air anti icing of the wing leading edge have an anti ice overheat light?

To indicate an over-temp condition, usually from a break in the bleed air ducts


What warning system may be required when a nickel-cadmium battery is installed in the airplane?

A battery temp monitoring system


At what time would a check of landing gear warning system normally be made?

During a landing gear retraction test


What is the purpose of an annunciator system?

To show, with a warning light, that some system parameter requires attention from the flight crew


If an aircraft with retractable landing gear has only one green light to indicate the gear is down and locked, how will the switches be connected, in series or in parallel?

In series


Where would you locate the procedures for checking and adjusting the landing gear switches?

Aircraft manufacturer's manual


What is the usual means for alerting the crew of a jet transport that the cabin doors are not properly closed?

A warning light


Why are transport category aircraft equipped with a master caution and warning system?

To alert the crew that a malfunction has occurred and corrective action may be required