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why is social engineering also called wetware?

10 - 355

because it doesn't require software or hardware, is dependent on the gray matter of the brain


tell me the 7 types of social engineering attacks

10 - 356 thru 361

shoulder surfing - watching someone over their shoulder, fight this with privacy filters
dumpster diving - just what it sounds like
tailgating - follow someone through the door they just unlocked
impersonation - can be done in person, over the phone, by email, etc.
hoaxes - phony threats
whaling - phishing or spear phishing for big users
vishing - VoIP phishing


there are reasons why social engineering is effective. there are 7 of them. tell me what they are.

10 - 362,363

consensus/social proof


the only preventative measure to combat social engineering is what?

10 - 365

educating yourself and never handing stuff out


as far as physical barriers go, your system should have a minimum of 3. tell me what they are.

10 - 367

the perimeter
a door locked by ID badges, prox readers, keys, all for the computer center
a locked door on the computer room


tell me 2 types of hardware locks and security

10 - 369

cable lock

safe and locking cabinets


how does a mantrap work?

10 - 371

you need visual identification AND authentication to gain access


what is the purpose of an access list?

10 - 373

to identify specifically who can enter a facility


protected distribution system. tell me what it is.

10 - 376

one in which the network is secure enough to allow for the transmission of classified information in non-encrypted format

so, physical security has been substituted for encryption security


what is HVAC?

10 - 378

heating, ventilation, and air conditioning


there are 4 types of fire extinguishers. tell me their letters, their use, their retardant composition

10 - 378

a - wood and paper, largely water or chemical
b - flammable liquids, fire-retardant chemicals
c - electrical, non-conductive chemicals
d - flammable metals, varies; type specific


tell me the 2 things that most common fixed systems combine

10 - 379

fire detectors

fire-suppression systems


what can you use to provide electronic shielding for the computer room?

hint: constant trap

10 - 380

Faraday cage


Tell me the difference between EMI and RFI.

10 - 380, 381

EMI will distort the signal in the data cable, and the receiver reads the wrong message or doesn't read it at all.

RFI adds too much energy to the RF energy pool, and so the receivers become deaf and don't hear the signal they're supposed to hear.


you are eavesdropping on CRT and LCD displays by detecting their electromagnetic emissions. what is this called?

what's a good countermeasure for this?

10 - 381

Van Eck phreaking



The U.S. government had a project back in the 50s for reducing electronic noise from devices that would divulge intelligence about systems and information. What was this project called?

10 - 382



In your hot and cold aisles setup, will you find the air conditioning units adjacent to the hot aisles or the cold aisles?

10 - 382

the hot aisles


Most fire-suppression systems work off of the concept of removing one of the three elements needed for a fire. tell me the three elements.

10 - 383

heat, fuel, oxygen


if your humidity gets too low, electrostatic damage is likely to occur. what's the humidity percentage that your computer center should never drop below?

10 - 383



what is the deterrent security control type?

10 - 384

anything intended to warn a would-be attacker that they should not attack


what is the preventive security control type?

10 - 384

stop something from happening


what is the detective security control type?

10 - 384

to uncover a violation


what is the compensating security control type?

10 - 384

backup controls that come into play when other controls have failed


what is the technical security control type?

10 - 384

controls implemented through technology. they can be any of the other types of control EXCEPT for administrative


what is the administrative security control type?

10 - 384

comes down through policies, procedures, and guidelines


a data policy should be focused on what 4 issues?

10 - 385,386

wiping - data removal
disposing - physical media is discarded
retention - how long do you keep it?
storage - where is the data kept?


tell me the 3 steps to destroying a flash drive

10 - 386,387

crack open the drive
turn the chip to powder
finish it off


tell me the two frequencies that RFID readers run at.

10 - 367

13.56MHz and 125kHz