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What were Confucius 2 main principles

REN - Concern for others
LI - Appropriate behavior


Genghis Khan

Powerful (evil) leader who organized the nomads of China into a powerful army. They destroyed towns and kills all the people in them.


Kublai Khan

Genghis Khan grandson. Declared himself to be be the emperor of China.



Keeping your country away from contact with all other countries. China did this in the Ming Dynasty. It hurt them because they missed out on all the technology that other cultures developed.


Grand Canal

Waterways in China that linked major cities for trade. It allowed China to get farm goods from the farms into the cities.


Silk. Why keep it secret?

Only the Chinese knew how to make it so it was very valuable to trade. They didn't want anyone else to be able to trade it.


Ming Dynasty

The most stable and prosperous time in Chinese history. China became isolationists during this time.


The Mongol Empire - what did it include?

HUGE!!! All of Asia, China, and Eastern Europe.