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What is profit?

How much you make over and above your cost; may be expressed as an amount or as a percent of your cost


What is another name for a fixed-rate amortized mortgage and what is the definition?

Level-payment plan
Mortgages used to purchase residential property that call for regular, equal payments that include both interest payments and payments on the principal


What does it mean to prorate?

To divide various charges and credits between buyer and seller


What is arrears?

Payments made at the end of the period for which the payment is due


What is the difference between credit and debit?

Credit is reimbursed
Debit is charged


How do you find what to credit and debit on the 365- day method?

First divide 365 into the annual cost of the item to find the exact daily rate, then multiply the number of days involved by the daily rate


How do you find how much to credit and debit on prepaid rent?

Total rent amount should be divided by the number of days involved in the rental period and allocated on a daily basis


How do you find the mortgage interest on assumed mortgages?

Mortgage balance x annual interest rate / 12 months = month's interest
Month's interest / days in month = daily rate
Daily rate x days interest is owed = prorated interest


What is the state documentary stamp tax on deeds?

$.70 for each $100 of the full purchase price (or any fraction of $100)


What is the state documentary stamp tax on notes?

$.35 per $100, or fraction thereof, on the face value of the promissory note


What is the state intangible tax on new mortgages?

$.002 or two tenths of once cent per dollar of debt


You bought a house for $120,000. You gave a deposit of $10,000 assumed a recorded mortgage of $90,000, and signed a new second mortgage and note for $20,000. What are the total state taxes due as a result of this transfer of property?



To get a mortgage loan of $31,000, a buyer has agreed to pay all state tax costs incurred by creation of the new mortgage. What is the total cost?


31,000 / 100 = 310
310 x .35 = 108.50
31,000 x .002 = 62.00
108.50 + 62 = 170.50


You have a VA mortgage of $48,000 at 9% with a 30-year term. The monthly principal and interest payment is $386.21. What portion of the second month's payment will apply to amortization of the mortgage?

48,000 / .09 = 4,320
4,320 / 12 months = 360
386.21 - 360 = 26.21
48,000 - 26.21 = 47,973.79
47,973.79 x .09 = 4,317.64
4,317.64 / 12 months = 359.80
386.21 - 359.80 = 26.41


Mr. and Mrs. Greer are purchasing the Hogue's apartment building. Each of the five apartments rents for $315 per month. The closing is scheduled for September 16, and the rents were collected on September 1. What is the rent proration for this transaction and to whom will the amount be credited? (Day of closing belongs to the buyer)

$787.50, credit buyer


A 28.5-acre parcel of land in Orange County sells for $4,100 per acre. What is the documentary stamp tax on the deed?



How is the buyer's binder deposit entered on the closing statement?

Credit to the buyer only


How is the purchase price entered on the closing statement?

Credit to seller and debit to buyer


How are unpaid property taxes entered on the closing statement?

Credit to the buyer and debit to seller


How is the T structure set up for real estate math problems?

Whole | Rate


What questions can the T structure be used to solve?

Discounts or loan origination points
Profit and % of gain or loss
Seller's net


The sellers told their real estate agent they wanted to net $50,000 after paying a 6% commission. How much did the property have to sell for?

Use the T formation
Put the $50,000 on the top of the T
The sale price is unknown
Subtract the % of commission away from 100%
The way the formula now reads is that $50,000 is 94% of what whole number?


What is a conditional loan approval?

The lender has agreed to lend the money, but certain conditions still remain to be completed


Deed - Seller - _____ per $100, or fraction thereof



Note - Buyer - Both assumed and new - ____ per $100, or fraction thereof



Intangible - Buyer - New mortgages only - _____ per $1



What are charges commonly credited to the seller in closing?

Sale price
Prorations such as rent or water


What are charges commonly credited to the buyer in closing?

Earnest money
New loan
Prorated taxes, advance rents
Security deposits


What are charges commonly debited to the seller in closing?

Loan(s) to be paid
Interest on loan
Prorated taxes
Security deposits or prepaid rents
Title insurance for the owner
Preparation of the deed
State transfer tax on the deed
Attorney's fees


What are charges commonly debited to the buyer in closing?

Sale price
Title insurance - lender (mortgagees)
Preparation of mortgages and deed
Recording of deed
Recording of mortgage
Documentary tax on note
Intangible tax on mortgage
Attorney fees
Interest adjustment


A house sold for $165,000, and the total commission received by the broker was $13,200. What was the rate of commission?

13,200 / 165,000 = .08


Taxes are $1,485 for a July 31 closing. Compute the tax proration and show how the proration will appear on the settlement statement. The day of closing belongs to the buyer, and taxes are paid in arrears. Use the 365-day method for prorating.

Debit seller $858.45; credit buyer $858.45


Rich and Merle purchase a property for $275,000. They obtain a new 75% loan from the ABC Lending Company. How much was their loan and how would it appear on their settlement statement?

$206,250; credit the buyer
275,000 x .75 = 206,250

The loan is given to them, so they acquire that money and are not charged that money


What statement best describes the purpose of a Closing Disclosure?

An official settlement statement used by settlement agencies and title companies to itemize all charges for a borrower and seller


A seller listed a property for $96,000. The property sold for $94,000. How would the purchase price appear on a full settlement statement?

Credit the seller $94,000 and debit the buyer $94,000


A property sold for $198,000 with a listing commission of 8%. The selling office is to receive 40% of the total commission. How much with the listing salesperson receive if she is paid 60% of the amount retained by the listing broker?

198,000 x .08 = 15,840
15,840 x .6 = 9504
9504 x .6 = 5702.40


In Florida, the deed of the property is taxed based upon the:

Sale price


A borrower received an 80% conventional loan and paid two discount points. If the points totaled $1,500, what was the sales price?

1,500 / .02 = 75,000
75,000 / .8 = 93,750


A seller netted $55,000 at closing. If the seller paid costs of $1,000 and an 8.5% commission, what was the sale price to the nearest dollar?

100 - 8.5 = 91.5
55,000 + 1,000 = 56,000
56,000 / .915 = 61,202


A 15-acre plot of land sold for $3,000 an acre. What is the cost of the deed stamp tax on this property?

15 x 3,000 = 45,000
45,000 / 100 = 450
450 x .7 = 315