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Which statement describes a similarity between Italian republics and signorias?

Both were dominated by powerful wealthy families


Which statement best explains why the muslim worls had an important influence on the developement of the Renissancs ideas

Muslim scholars had preserved man6 pf the writting of ancient Greece and Rome that influenced Renaissance


Which group supported those who conducted the early work of the Renaissance

Italian patrons


The ruling class in Renaissance Italy made important contributions to the

Operation of the Mediterranean trade system


Which chinese art form had the greatest influence on the Italian Renaissance

Woodblock printing


Renaissance humanist focused their studies on the

Ideas of the ancient world


A humanist thinker who lived during the early part of the Renaissance would most like.y have been working on which problem?

How to design a strong building with only lightweight materials


The organization of medieval and Renaissance Itaky into independent city-states was most similar to the political structure of

Ancient Greece


William shakespeare main works were

Plays and sonnets


Which factor contributed most to the beggining of the Age of exploration

The desire to improve trade between Europe and Asia


Which quality is commonly seen in paintings by miachangelo, Raphael,and van Eyck

A realistic depiction of the human body


Which factor contributed most to the content of Niccoló Machielval writings

Political upheaval in Italy


Leonardo da Vinci best-known work of art is known as

The mona lisa


Which statement describes the main impact of the invention of the printing press

Renaissance ideas spread quickly throughout Europe


The studies of Andreas Vesalius built most directly on methods used by which Renissance figure

Leonardo da vinci


Describe a Signora governement

Only 1 powerful family rules. There is a signore chosen. The signore pass laws and choose succesors


Describe republicanism

More then one family ruled. There was a senate and. Council of ten. The council controlled the police and judical system, the senate controlled foriegn policy and commerce.


Define Christian Humanism

Critized lax morals, have equality and justice for all citizens