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Where did Algonquians live?

In New York in wigwams


What are wigwams made of?

A wood frame and covered with hides or woven reeds


Describe the daily life of the Algonquians.

Built canoes to travel
Traded food and furs for copper and seashells with other Native Americans


What is TRADITION and what were some of the Algonquians traditions?

TRADITION is a way of life that has been followed for a long time.

Algonquian men hunted, fished, and trapped and fought in wars

Algonquian women cared for the children, built wigwams, prepared food, and made clothing, mats and most tools


How did the Algonquians use natural resources to help them survive?

They camped near rivers or lakes to fish.

They hunted birds and gathered plants for foods.

Furs and animal hides were made into clothing.

Bones to make tools.


What is a confederation?

A government in which separate groups of people join together, but local leaders still have power.


Five Iroquoian nations joined to form which confederation?

Haudenosaunee League


What is a longhouse?

A long, narrow house that is home to many families


What are the similarities and differences between the Algonquians and the Haudenosaunee?

The Haudenosaunee spent more time farming then moving around like the Algonquians.

But the men and women from both tribes had similar roles.


Compare the wigwams and the longhouses.

Many families live in a long, narrow house - longhouse

One family living in a house made of hides and woven reeds.


Why is planting maize, beans, and squash in the same field a good idea?

The maize supported the bean vines. The large leaves of the squash plants helped keep water in the soil.

Called the "three sisters"


What is a clan?

A group of related families


Into what 3 clans were the Lenape divided?

Munsee, Unami, and Unalachtigo

Each clan had animal names like:
Wolf, turtle, wild turkey.


What are ancestors?

Ancestors are relatives born long ago


Who lead the Lenape village?

A male leader (a Sachem) and a council of men


Who choose the Sachem?

The oldest women in the clan


Why were the Lenape called "grandfather"?

Because they were the old west Algonquian group


How did the Lenape record their history?

By carving pictures into wood or bark, know as Walum Olum.

In later years they wrote the Walum Olum events on paper


Which clan lived in NYC?

The Munsee


Describe where and how the Lenape lived.

Usually lived on high ground near rivers and streams.

Village could have up to 40 longhouses

They farmed beans, corn, squash, and pumpkins.

They believed the land belonged to nature.


What are Natural Resources?

Are things from the environment that people use.


What is agriculture?



What is the slash-and-burn method?

To open up land for crops, the Lenape burned their fields to clear them.

It used up the soil quickly and forced them to move often in search of new land.


Describe the different roles of Lenape men and women.


Farmed, gathered food, cooked meals, made clay pots, wove baskets, and took care of children.

Children are born into a mother's clan

Husband moves into the wife's longhouse.


Hunted, fished, cleared fields, made weapons and tools

Served sachems and defend villages

Elders are honored and respected for wisdom and experience


Describe the legends and ceremonies of the Lenape

Very important to the Lenape

Different ceremonies celebrated at different times

beginning of harvest - Green Corn Ceremony

Ceremonies took place in a large central building known as the Big House

Legends and stories have been handed down over time


What is culture?

The way of life that people create for themselves and pass on to their children.


Describe the legend of how the Earth was created.

Earth was made by a Creator who caused a giant turtle to rise from the sea.

A large cedar tree grew on the turtle's shell and produced the first man and woman.


Where do most Lenape live?

Many live in Oklahoma and continue to celebrate their nation's culture


What natural resources did the Lenape use?

Food came from farming

Shelter came from trees and animal hides

Clothing came from plants and animal hides