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Any occurrence involving a city owned or personal vehicle being used on city business, which results in property damage and/or personal injury in which everything reasonably possible to prevent the accident was not performed

Preventable accident


Cables, skid chains, and salt shall carried on all apparatus and ready for service from:

November 1 to April 1


When skid chains or on-spots are in service, the maximum speed is:

35 mph


How often are aerial ladders to be cleaned and lubed?



School bus stopped on a street with four or more lanes:

Only traffic proceeding in the same direction as the bus must stop


After an accident, notify city garage and apparatus/equipment captain to request that apparatus be towed when one or more of the following occurs:

Loss of life

Citation for moving traffic violation

1 or more vehicles disabled

Damage to other property greater than $5k

Any situation a supervisor deems necessary


Apparatus placement in EMS situations

Apparatus placed before the building or accident scene.

Considerations given for medic access to the front, for patient protection from traffic when loading.


Non Take-Home

Used for normal FD business only. Must be secured on city property at all times when not in use.


The preferred method to return apparatus to quarters

Drive through


School bus preparing to stop with four activated amber lights.

Not required to stop


Apparatus placement in fire situations

Placed before or past the fire building.

Considerations given for truck access and possibility of collapse


Form 92s

Drivers report of vehicle accident


Quarterly aerial maintenance is performed between what hours and at what location on the designated date?

0800 and 1200 at E18’s quarters

Other locations may be utilized with permission of DC.


Apparatus placement when not being used directly in a fire attack

Parked to prevent congestion, but placed so it can be moved into operating position if needed


Form 90s

Supervisors investigation of vehicle accident


Response Vehicle

For direct/immediate response to a point of recall. May be used for all transportation needs.


Steps for apparatus changeover:

Notify Fire Dispatch
-apparatus number changing in
-apparatus number changing out

Notify DC

Notify Apparatus Supervisor (email)
-apparatus # in, where from
-apparatus # out, where left, status

Form 40


A safety related or mechanical related deficiency that requires the apparatus to be taken out of service

Emergency Repair


Take-Home Vehicle

Maybe only be used to commute to and from work, or other official FD activities.


Apparatus placed on the scene of a highway emergency

Placed in a blocking position to protect the scene


Where should remote door controls be mounted on the apparatus?

The sun visor on the officers side.

Under no circumstances shall remote door controls be kept on the dashboard.


A list of all Apparatus with any special qualifications or equipment carried

CAD Equipment File