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What is a small tsu called?

sokuon or chiisai tsu


What does a small tsu represent?

It represents s doubled or germinated consonant


What can small tsu not be used for?

It can't be used to double the na, ni, nu, ne, no syllables


What do you do to double the na, ni, nu, ne, no syllables?

You add the singular n (ん) in front of the syllable


Why is it important to hold long vowels long enough?

So there won't be misunderstandings; there are familiar words that differ only by the length of the vowels



2 sounds placed together


Do the yōon and kana have the same length in pronunciation?

Yes; the sound of yōon is exactly as long as the kana


Are digraphs beginning with ji (chi) and じ read the same?

Yes, they're read exactly the same


When are most vowels commonly dropped?

The u in す and i in し
- It's safe to drop the u in す when it appears at the end of the sentence
- Always try to conform to native speakers