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Victorian Legal Aid

A government agency that provides free legal advice. Helps people with legal problems and focuses on those who need it the most and cannot get legal assistance.

VLA's vision is a fair and just society where rights and responsibilities are upheld.


Objectives of VLA

- provide legal aid in the most effective, economic and efficient manner

- provide the community with improved access to justice and legal remedies

- manage its resources to make legal aid available at a reasonable cost

- legal education/information/advice/representation


Victorian Community Legal Centres

CLC'S are an independent organisation who provide free legal services including advice, info and representation to those who cannot access other legal services, due to their personal circumstances. Such as people with a disability, refugees, homeless or poor.


Two types of CLC's

Generalist- provide broad legal services to people in a particular local geographical area.

Specialist- Focuses on a particular group or area of law


Role of CLC's

- info, legal advice
- duty lawyer assistance
- representation


Committal Proceedings

One of the steps taken as part of a 'Pre-Trial' Procedure. CP's take place in the magistrates court where an accused has been charged with indictable offences and has pleaded not guilty.

- act as a filtering system to test the strength if the prosecutions case and to give the accused an opportunity to understand the case.


Purposes of Committal Proceedings?

- determine whether the case can be heard summarily
- ensure a fair trial
- hear the accused's plea
- establish whether the is enough evidence for a trial