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Define nursing intervention/implementation

The process of carrying out the established plan of care.


Give examples of nursing action

Counseling, teaching, providing comfort measures, coordinating, referring, using communication skills, and providing a healthcare providers orders


What are the three types of nursing actions

1) dependent
2) interdependent
3) independent


Define dependent actions

Preformed by the nurse based on a health care provider's orders

Examples are administering meds and treatments


Interdependent action are?

Actions done cooperatively with other members of the health care team for restoring or maintaining the patients health.


Fill in the blank
Actions that are not prescribed by a healthcare provider and a nurse provides by virtue of the education and license attained are ____ actions

Independent actions


Fill in the blank
_______ describes how specific actions will be implemented for an individual patient

Nursing orders


List three reasons why it is important to take a drug history

1) To evaluate pt need for medication
2) To obtain current & past use of over the counter meds, prescription meds, herbal products, and street drugs
3) To identify problems related to drug therapy


List three sources of information

1) primary source
2) secondary sources
3) tertiary sources


Fill in the blank
To deal effectively with diagnoses the nurse must recognize the ______ and ________ factors

Causative and contributing


Fill in the blank
When identifying problems related to medication therapy the nurse should review the _________ __________

Drug monographs


What are two nursing diagnoses that apply to all types of medications?

Deficient knowledge and Noncompliance


List the six steps of planning

1) identification of the therapeutic intent for each prescribed medication
2) review the drug monograph
3) identification of the recommended dosage and route of administration
4) scheduling of administration of medications
5) teaching the pt to keep written records
6) any additional teaching on techniques.


List the complete teaching plan

1) drug name
2) dosage
3) route & administration times
4) anticipated therapeutic response
5) common adverse effects
6) serious adverse effects
7) what to do if dosage is missed
8) when, how, or if to refill the medication


Complete the sentence
The nurse is responsible for monitoring the patient on a continuum for potential complications that are associated with the ________,_______, or ________

Medical diagnosis, diagnostic procedures, or treatments prescribed


True or False
The nurse does not preform a baseline or subsequent assessments that are valuable in establishing therapeutic goals, duration of therapy, detection of drug toxicity, and frequency of re-evaluation.

False. This is done by the nurse


What should a nurse do when in doubt?

Consult another qualified professional, call pharmacy, or look it up


What should the nurse do if any portion of a drug order is unclear

The nurse and pharmacist may consult with each other or the physician.


The nurse makes professional judgements concerning what?

The class of drug, therapeutic intent, usual dosage, and the patient's ability to tolerate the drug dosage form ordered.


What does ac stand for

Before meals


What does pc stand for?

After meals


What does a nurse gather during an assessment?

Vital signs, pain, drug history, allergies, signs and symptoms.