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-3 or more persons; in a course of disorderly conduct:

-which causes/may reasonably be expected to cause;

  • substantial harm
  • serious inconvenience
  • annoyance or alarm

-person refuses/knowingly fails to obey an order to disperse

5502: Failure of disorderly persons to disperse on official order



- a person, with 2 or more others

-engages in a course of disordelry conduct:

  • w/ the intent to commit/facilitate the commission of a felony or misdomeanor; OR
  • w/ the intent to prevent/coerce official action; OR
  • the actor, or any other participant to the knowledge of the actor, uses/plans to use a firearm or other deadly weapon

5501: Riot



-at night time: maliciously loiters or prowels:

  • around a dwelling house
  • any other place used wholly or in part for lving or dwelling purposes
  • belonging to, or occupied by another

5506: Loitering and Prowling at Night Time



-enters a school bus w/o prior authorization from driver/school official

-w/ intent to commit a crime, or disrupt/interfere w/ driver

-refuses to disembark after being ordered to do so by the driver

5517: Unauthorized school bus entry



-sets up/maintains any lottery/numbers game

-manuf./prints, sells, possesses w/ intent to sell any unlawful lottery/numbers ticket, or any writing, token, or other device intending to entitle the holder to any prize in any lottery or numbers game

-publishes any advertisement of any lottery or numbers game

**any purchaser shall not be liable to prosecution/penalty

5512: Lotteries



-treats a corpse in a way that he knows would outrage the ordinary family sensibilities

5510: Abuse of a Corpse



-w/ intent to cause public inconvenience, annoyance, or alarm:

  • engages in fighting, threatening, violent, or tumultuous behavior
  • makes unreasonable noise
  • uses obscene language/obscene gesture
  • creates a hazardous or physically offensive condition by any act which serves no legitimate purpose

5503: Disorderly Conduct


M.3= if intent is to cause substantial harm or serious inconvenience; or persists after reasonable warning to desist


-willfully or maliciously:

  • taunts, torments, teases, beats, kicks, or strikes a police animal

5511.2(a): Illegal to Taunt Police Animals



-w/ intent to prevent/disrupt a lawful meeting, procession, or gathering

-a person disturbs/interrupts it

5508: Disrupting Meetings and Processions



No person shall give or offer to give away any live animal, except fish, as a prize in any drawing, lottery, contest,
sweepstakes or other game. No person operating any drawing, lottery, contest, sweepstake or other game shall sell or offer to sell any live animal, except fish, in conjunction with the operation of a drawing, lottery, contest, sweepstakes or other game

5511.1: Live animals as prizes prohibited


  **punishable by a fine of not more than $250


-willfully or maliciously:

-mutilates, injures, tortures, disables, poisons, or kills a police animal

5511.2(b): Illegal to torture police animals



-appears in any public place maifestly under the influence of alcohol or a controlled substance

-to the degree that he may endanger himself, other persons, property, or annoy persons in his vicinity

5505: Public Drunkenness and similar misconduct



-intentionally desecrates any public monument or structure, or place of worship or burial

-intentionally desecrates any other object of veneration by the public or a substantial segment
thereof in any public place

-sells, attempts to sell or removes with intent
to sell a veteran’s marker 

-intentionally receives, retains or disposes of a veteran’s marker or item decorating a veteran’s
grave knowing that the item has been stolen, or believing that it has probably been stolen, unless it has been received, retained or disposed of with the intent to return it to the owner.

5509(a): Desecration, theft or sale of venerated objects



-intentionally desecrates a historic burial lot or historic
burial place

5509(a.1): Desecration, theft or sale of venerated objects (Historical Burial Lots)



-intentionally or knowingly makes, assembles, sets up, maintains, sells, lends, leases, gives away, or offers for sale, loan, lease or gift:

  • any punch board, drawing card, slot machine or any device to be used for gambling purposes, except playing cards

-allows persons to collect and assemble for the purpose of unlawful gambling at any place under his control;

-solicits or invites any person to visit any unlawful gambling place for the purpose of gambling; or

-being the owner, tenant, lessee or occupant of any premises, knowingly permits to be used for the purpose of unlawful gambling

5513: Gambling devices, gambling, ect...



-engages in pool selling or bookmaking;

-occupies any place for the purpose of receiving,
recording or registering bets or wagers, or of selling pools;

-receives, records, registers, forwards, or purports or pretends to forward, to another, any bet or wager upon the result of any political nomination, appointment or election, or upon any contest of any nature;

-becomes the custodian or depository, for gain or ward, of any property staked, wagered or pledged, or to be staked, wagered, or pledged upon any such result; or

-being the owner, lessee, or occupant of any premises, knowingly permits to be used or occupied for any of such purposes

5514: Pool selling and bookmaking



-intentionally, knowingly or recklessly: manufactures, sells, purchases, transports or causes another to
transport, delivers or causes another to deliver,
possesses or uses a facsimile weapon of mass
destruction and by such action, causes any of
the following:

-Terrifying, intimidating, threatening or harassing an individual

-Alarm or reaction on the part of any of the

  • A public or volunteer organization that deals with emergencies involving danger to life or property
  • A law enforcement organization
  • Serious public inconvenience not limited to the evacuation of a building, place of assembly or facility of public transportation

5516: Facsimile weapons of mass destruction



-Willfully and maliciously:

  • kills, maims, disfigures, or poisons any domestic animal/fowl of another
  • harasses, annoys, injures, molests, or interferes w/ a guide/hearing dog

5511(a)(1): Cruelty to Animals


**fine not less than $500


-willfully and maliciously:

  • kills, maims, disfigures, poisons any zoo animal in captivity

5511(a)(2): Cruelty to Animals




-willfully and maliciously:

  • Kills, maims, mutilates, tortures, poisons or disfigures any dog/cat

5511(a)(2.1): Cruelty to Animals


F.3= second, subsequent offense

  **if involves a seeing/hearing dog, shall be required to pay vet costs/replacement costs

  **fine of not less than $1000/impriosnment for not more than 2 years


-owner of a dog that kills, maims, disfigures a guide dog/hearing impaired dog belonging to another (w/o provocation by the guide dog)\

-only if the owner knew/should have known that their dog had a propensity to attack humans/other animals or RECKLESSLY FAILED TO RESTRAIN their dog