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-knowingly delivers, or causes to be delivered to any transportation company, or to any person engaged in the business of transportation:

-any explosive material adapted for blasting, or for any other purpose for which such articles may
be used, under any false or deceptive invoice or description, or without informing the carrier at or before the time when such delivery is made, of the true nature of the same,

-AND without having the keg, barrel, can or package containing the same plainly marked with the name of the explosive material therein contained, together with the word “dangerous”

6162: Shipping Explosives



-carries a firearm in any vehicle, or concealed on or about his person (except in his adobe or fixed place of business) w/o a valid license to carry a firearm

6106: Firarms not to be carried w/o a license


M.1= a person who is otherwise eligible to possess a license, AND has committed NO OTHER CRIME


-no person shall:

  • change, alter, remove, or obliterate the manufacturer's number integral to the frame of any firearm

6117: Altering or Obliterating Marks of Identification



-person under 18 years of age shall not possess or transport a firearm anywhere in this Commonwealth.

-ADULT who knowingly and intentionally delivers or provides to the minor a firearm

6110.1: Possession of a Firearm by a Minor

-unknown grading for a minor: just "adjudication"



-enters into or upon any railroad train, locomotive, tender or car thereof, or into or upon any automobile or other conveyance used for the carrying of freight or passengers

-having in his custody any nitroglycerine or other explosive, other than as freight regularly shipped as such

6161: Carry Explosives on Conveyances



Conductor= has detention/arrest authority

Venue= ANY county through which conveyance passes through


-person who has been convicted of an offense enumerated in subsection (b), within or without this Commonwealth, regardless of the length of sentence or whose conduct meets the criteria in subsection (c) shall not possess, use,
control, sell, transfer or manufacture or obtain a license to possess, use, control, sell, transfer or
manufacture a firearm in this Commonwealth

6105: Persons not to use, possess, sell, manuf, control, or transfer firearms


M.1= if offender fails to relinquish firearms pursuant to an order of protection

M.3= intentionally or knowingly accepts possession of a firearm, other weapon or ammunition from a person he knows is the subject of a protection from abuse order.... if returns to the prohibited party commits a M.1


-possess a firearm which has had the manufacturer’s number integral to the frame or receiver altered, changed, removed or obliterated

6110.2: Possession of a Firearm w/ Altered Manufacturers Number



Definition of Firearm

  • Pistol or revolver with a barrel length less than 15 inches
  • shotgun with a barrel length less than 18 inches
  • rifle with a barrel length less than 16 inches, OR
  • any pistol, revolver, rifle or shotgun with an overall length of less than 26 inches

***barrel length of a firearm shall be determined by measuring from the muzzle of the barrel to the face of the closed    action, bolt or cylinder***


-use or attempt to use a KTW teflon-coated bullet or other armorpiercing ammunition while committing or attempting
to commit a crime of violence

6121: Certain Bullets Prohibited


**5 year minimum sentance upon conviction


-No person shall carry a firearm, rifle or shotgun at any time upon the public streets or upon any public property in a city of the first class unless:

(1) such person is licensed to carry a firearm, or is exempt from licensing

6108: Carrying a Firearm on Public Streets/Poperty in Philadelphia

M.1  (per 6119: Violation Penalty)