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What is the purpose of a torque link on an oleo strut?

To keep the wheel in alignment and prevent the piston from coming out of the cylinder


A landing gear shock strut should be inflated with what gas?

Nitrogen or dry air


What conditions should a mechanic look for during a regular inspection of the exposed piston section of a landing gear?

Cleanliness, evidence of damage, and proper extension


What prevents air from leaking out between the two halves of a split wheel assembly?

An O-ring


Why are fusible plugs installed on some aircraft wheels?

To release the pressure generated by heat build-up before tire blows


What safety precaution must be taken when removing a wheel from an axle or when disassembling a wheel?

Verify that the tire is completely deflated before removing a wheel from an axle or before wheel disassembly


What are the visible signs of excessive heating on a wheel bearing?

The bearing surfaces show discoloration


How are the pilot's nose wheel steering commands transmitted to the steering control unit of a large aircraft?

Steering signals may be transmitted mechanically, electrically, or hydraulically


How is the nose wheel steering mechanism usually actuated on a small aircraft?

By means of a mechanical leakage connected to the rudder pedals


What is the name of the unti that prevents a nose wheel from vibrating or oscillating?

A shimmy damper


What are the most common sources of power used to extend and retract landing gear?

Hydraulic pressure and electric motors


At what times should a gear retraction check be performed?

During annual or other inspections and following a hard landing


What mechanism ensures that a nose wheel is not turned as it retracts into its wheelwell?

Internal centering cams in the strut or an external track


Name several types of brake actuating systems

Independent master cylinders,

boosted brakes, and

power-controlled brakes


What is the function of an anti-skid system?

Anti-skid systems allow large aircraft to achieve maximum braking effectiveness without allowing wheels to skid or lock


What is the purpose of a debooster?

To reduce hydraulic system high pressure to a lower value for more satisfactory brake action


Describe two methods of bleeding brakes.

A pressure pot can be attached to the bleeder valve and fluid forced back towards the master cylinder and/or reservoir,

or the master cylinder can be used for forcing fluid from the reservoir to the brakes


Before a brake system can be inspected for leaks, what action must be accomplished?

Pressure must be applied to the system


What maintenance function has the greatest impact on tire service life?

Ensuring that the tires are properly inflated


What effect does under-inflation have on aircraft tires?

Internal heat damage possibly leading to premature tire failure, and more tread wear on the shoulders than in the center