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Steady red light means…

You must stop before crossing the marked stop line or crosswalk. If you do not see any lines, stop before entering the intersection. Wait for a green light before you start.


A steady yellow light means..

A red light will soon appear


A steady green light means…

You may drive through the intersection, if the road is clear


A steady red arrow means..,,

You must stop and may not turn in the direction the arrow points. Wait for a green arrow or a flashing yellow arrow before entering the intersection.


A steady yellow arrow…

Means the movement permitted by the green arrow or the flashing yelllow arrow is about to end and the signal will soon turn red.


A flashing yellow arrow means….

You may turn in the direction of the arrow with caution, however, you must first yield to oncoming traffic and pedestrians.


A green arrow means..

You may turn the way the arrow points . When you turn during the green arrow phase , your turn is protected because oncoming traffic is stopped by a red light.


A flashing red light

Has the same meaning as a stop sign . You must come to a complete stop , then look both ways and proceed only after the intersection is clear.


A flashing yellow light means

Caution, slow down , look and proceed with care.


A flashing yellow light arrow means .,,,

You may turn in that direction of the arrow with caution, however you must first yield to oncoming traffic and pedestrians.


A steady downward green arrow over a traffic lane

Means you may use the lane


A steady yellow x over a traffic lane means

You must change lanes because the direction of travel for that lane is about to be reversed. Get ready to leave the lane safely.


A steady red x over a lane means

You are not allowed to use the traffic lane.


A white steady , one-way -left turn arrow over a lane means…

You may only turn left , if you are in that lane.


A white steady , two-way left turn arrow over a lane means..,,

You may only turn left , if you are in that lane, but the lane is shared by left -turning drivers approaching from the opposite direction.


When the steady Don’t Walk message or steady upraised hand is displayed….

Do not cross.


School zone signals…

Are flashing yellow signals placed on the school zone speed limit signs. You must travel no faster than 15 mph when the yellow signals are flashing.