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principal beliefs

- one god
- covenant
- moral law


one god

- God is one
- God is eternal
- God is omnipresent (god is everywhere)
- God is omnipotent (god is all-powerful with no limitations)
- God is omniscience (God is all-knowing



- importance of covenant (between god and the people of Israel)


1st expression of the covenant

1. god and Noah
- God saves Noah from flood and Noah must care for all of creation
- symbol is rainbow


2nd expression of the covenant

2. god and Abraham
- called to leave his home and move to the promised land (Canaan/Israel)
- god promises numerous descendants
- promises of land and people
-symbol is circumcision


3rd expression of the covenant

- god and Moses
- exodus event
- god saved Israelites and they were then obliged to accept ten commandments


4th expression of the covenant

- god and David
- David is a Shepard and God chooses him to be a king, David must walk in gods way


the essence of the covenant

- significant because it expresses the ongoing relationship between God and the people of Israel that are the core of the Jewish tradition


exile and restoration in the covenant

- people are blessed when they are faithful and suffer when they are not


moral code

- Jews look towards the sacred texts to find responses to ethical questions


moral law

- 10 commandments
- 613 mitzvot