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Who is Catherine?

The sister of Myrtle who is as tacky and ostentatious as Myrtle. 'a slender, worldly girl of about thirty'


Who are Mr and Mrs McKee?

The couple who lives in the apartment below the one that Tom keeps for Myrtle in the city. They come to the party at Myrtle's apartment. Nick quite fancies him.


Who is Michaelis?

One of the few friends of George Wilson. He is a young Greek man who owns a coffee shop in the Valley of Ashes, located next to Wilson's garage. He is the only eye witness to Myrtle's accidental death and tries to comfort Wilson over the loss.


Who is Owl-eyes?

A middle-aged man who frequents Gatsby's parties. He is one of the few people who show up at Gatsby's funeral.


Who is Klipspringer?

A frequent at Gatsby's parties. Called the 'boarder' and often plays the piano.


Who is Dan Cody?

The wealthy man who employed Gatsby as a youth and taught him about business. Although he is never actually seen in the novel, Gatsby explains him to Nick and he is very instrumental in shaping Gatsby's life.


Who is Henry C. Gatz?

Gatsby's father. He is seen for the first time when he comes to his son's funeral. He is an old, nervous man who is proud of Gatsby's wealth.


Who is Pammy Buchanan?

The daughter of Tom and Daisy. She appears only for a moment in the book to show that Daisy is incapable of any depth of maternal love; for her, Pammy is a toy or plaything.