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The wines here are marked by even leaner, tarter fruit aromas (lime zest, tart green apple, quince and under-ripe pear) than the average Bourgogne Blanc. In addition to this, there’s often a brine-y, oyster liqueur like aroma to the wines along with the classic subtle notes brie rind, yogurt, and white flowers.

What’s to know: Chablis is the northernmost region in Burgundy, and therefore the coldest. Chablis almost always has the tartest, crispest acid profile of all white Burgundy. Famous for its intensely chalky white soils, Chablis also contains several Grand Cru vineyard sites. Many producers will oak their Grand Cru wines, leading to a richer style similar to Côte de Beaune.

Food pairing: Oysters and anything from the raw bar are the classic pairings of Chablis. With high acidity and no oak, it is an ideal choice for mixed company. Pairs with everything? Maybe.


Domaine Costal Les Truffieres

Really nice young Chablis, with some bright green apple and citrus on the palate, underscored by some classic salty and chalky notes; Excellent value here


Gautheron les foumeaux

Medium lemon yellow. Mineral, lemon peel on the nose. Light refreshing fruit on the palate with a long acid finish. Premier Cru


Domaine des Malandes Montmains

ight gold, lots of clarity, silver hue
Nose: pear, apple, lemon, limestone, white pepper, peach, stone, dandelion, marjoram, grass, honey, butter
Pal: limestone, grass, dandelion, flowers, hazelnut, touch almond, honey, flowers, white pepper
Feel: wonderful balanced acidity, rounded palate, slight mineral and limestone



In Côte de Beaune ($$$$$): typically oak-aged wines with rich fleshy melon and starfruit flavors and undertones of truffle and hazelnut
Meursault is an Appellation d'origine contrôlée (AOC) in the Côte de Beaune subregion of the Burgundy wine region. It lies along the foot of the Côte-d'Or escarpment, around Beaune and with the broad Saône valley plain to its east. Meursault produces mainly white wines from Chardonnay grapes, primarily in a style with a clear oak influence, which have led to descriptions such as "buttery" to be applied to powerful examples of Meursault wines.


Camile Giround

Camille-Giroud's Meursault En La Barre is a serious contender for the best value wine of 2008. This vineyard, within the village itself, produces classic Meursault, rich yet focussed and beautifully balanced. Tempting to drink young,this will only improve over the next two to three years. This Meursault wine is pretty, elegant and stylish, while showing great length of flavour on the palate. Charming, this represents excellent value in


Antoine Joharb en la barre

Antoine Jobard | Code: 16264 | 2011 | France > Burgundy > Cote de Beaune > Meursault | Chardonnay | Medium-Full Bodied, Dry | 13.0 % alcohol
A nice hint of juniper on the nose is a reminder of where this comes from. It lights up all the buttons, growing steadily across the palate,and is racy and distinguished. It may not be a blockbuster but this is really fine with an excellent aftertaste.



Cote de Beaune White: this wine is a bright gold colour with greenish highlights, becoming more intense with age. The bouquet brings together hawthorn blossoms, ripe grapes, marzipan, hazelnut, amber, lemon-grass and green apple. Milky (butter, hot croissant) and mineral aromas (flint) are commonplace, as is honey. Body and bouquet blend into a subtle harmony. This wine combines grace with a welldefined character and a remarkable concentration.


Greffiere sous le bois

Macon-Le Roche- South Burgundy
Grape variety : Chardonnay
Terroir : clay and calcareous soil
Area : 2 ha 50
Average age of the vineyard : 25 years old

wine-making : Fermentation between 5 and 10 days under control of temperature. Then the wine mature on lees until the bottling.

Tasting :
eye : straw gold yellow
nose : white floral and acacia aroma
mouth : dry and mineral wine


Les Heritiers du Comte Lafon

This is a ripe, beautifully structured wine. It has acidity and rich yellow and lime fruitiness that are touched by wood and channeled into a wine that is smooth and generous. The acidity keeps this balanced, structured wine on a straight line of pure fruitiness.



Santa Cruz Mountains AVA is the coldest Cabernet Sauvignon-producing region in California. The cool climate is more classically suited to the Burgundy varieties of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, which also thrive here.

With great dryness, minerality and acidity, this marches to a different beat from today’s rich, oaky style. It’s austere, with suggestions of citrus fruit and flint. It exhibits great structure and complexity.


aMaurice Cellars

Columbia Valley, Washington- Aromas of apple blossoms and fresh pear are carefully framed by oak and wet rock. Pear skin and flesh fill the palate while oak adds to the weight yet the minerality keeps it grounded. Apple blossoms and a touch of honey on the finish.
Elegant . Floral . Pear . Medium-bodied


Novelty Hill 2013 Stillwater Creek Vineyard Chardonnay

Fresh pear aromas wrap around a core of cinnamon to introduce this mouth-filling wine. Juicy on the front of the palate with balanced acidity, a rich, round mid-palate, and a lengthy finish that leaves a delightful impression of stone fruit.

Barrel fermented in French oak, malolactic fermentation and sur lie aged.


Sparkman Cellars 'Lumiere'

Wild yeast fermentation, weekly battonage, clonal selection and special cooperage give this vintage of Lumière its unique personality. Lovely aromas of kiwi, nectarine, pear and honeysuckle lead us into crisp flavors of tangerine, hazelnut, and crème brulée, all riding along on a delicate creamy richness, and finishing with its trademark minerality. Try it with bits of Dungeness crab all over your face and lemon butter dripping off your elbows. It's pretty good that way.