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What is the time frame to file suspected child abuse?

When therapists have reasonable suspicion of child abuse or neglect they are
mandated to file a report by calling California state authorities immediately and filing a
written report within 36 hours.


What types of abuse do therapists report?

Physical abuse, sexual abuse and neglect are all mandated reports. Emotional
abuse is an optional report as is exposure to domestic violence.


What do you do if abuse is reported to you that occurred outside of California?

Abuse/neglect that occurred outside the state of California are still reported to
California state authorities


Does failing to provide medical care constitute neglect and if so, does it require a report?

Failure to provide medical care constitutes neglect and would require a report.
Failure to provide shelter (homelessness) does not, on its own, constitute


Does taking a child out of state without permission constitute kidnapping? If so, does it require a report?

A child taken out of state without permission would constitute kidnapping and not
abuse or neglect. The therapist should maintain confidentiality and encourage
client to contact law enforcement.


When does consensual sex between minors need to be reported?

Consensual sex between minors is only a mandated report when 1) one of the
participants is 13 or younger and the other is 14 or older or 2) If one of the
participants is 21 or older and the other is under 16.


For consent to treatment for any minor (under 18) do you have to have both parents sign consent if they are married?

No, only one parent needs to sign consent if they are married.