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3 explanations about evil and suffering

1. Become agnostic or atheist
2. Inconsistent Triad (Epicurus)
3. God's ways are beyond human understanding, e.g Job


Why do Christians believe in the Trinity?

Jesus says "I am one with God".


Describe the Apostles Creed

Statement of beliefs:
Beliefs regarding crucifixion, resurrection and ascension


What does Genesis make Christians believe about God?

God is the overall architect of creation.


What is the significance of Genesis 3: The Fall?

God's relationship with humans is broken by ORIGINAL SIN.


Explain literalist views on creation

Believe the creation story word for word so therefore, often see science and religion as conflicting.
E.g. Eve was formed from Adam's rib


Explain Non-literalist views on creation

Science and religion work together to give a full picture of creation.
God is often described as the designer and the Big Bang Theory is how he chose to create the Earth.


What is meant by 'the word'?

Jesus = The Word.
God and the word are one, all things were made through the word.


Give 2 reasons why Christians believe in the Incarnation?

1. Jesus was born of the Virgin Mary.
2. Jesus is the Son in the trinity.


Explain 2 significances of the crucifixion.

1. It allows humans to reach salvation & atonement
2. It allows for resurrection (an Old Testament prophecy)


Describe the Inconsistent Triad. (Epicurus)

If God is powerful and enough to stop suffering but doesn't then he can not be omnibenevolent.
If he loves us enough but can't stop suffering then he is not omnipotent.

If he is neither able, nor willing then why call him God?


What does salvation and atonement mean for Christians?

Death is not to be feared as believers will be resurrected to live eternally in heaven.


What do Roman Catholics believe about the Eucharist?

1. Transubstantiation - Bread and wine become the flesh and blood of Christ.
2. Jesus wanted it to be done in memory of him.


What is the importance of Jesus' resurrection?

Makes sense of Jesus' suffering and crucifixion


How do Christians achieve salvation?

1. Protestants believe it is a gift from God as they had faith (sola fide)
2. Orthodox Christians believe they must live a good life.


What are eschatological beliefs?

Beliefs regarding the afterlife. E.g. Heaven, hell and purgatory (only Roman Catholics).


Describe 2 Christian beliefs about Judgement day.

1. People will be judged as sheep and goats (if they lived a morally right or sinful life).
2. Jesus will come again on Judgement Day (The Parousia).


Describe 3 beliefs about human resurrection.

1. The soul will rise to heaven
2. There will be a bodily resurrection at the end of time
3. There will be a new heaven and Earth with eternal life


Explain beliefs about heaven.

Heaven is a state/place close to God and free of suffering. People who have faith may go there or people that live a good life. It is paradise.

Hell is the opposite.


What is Purgatory?

Roman Catholics believe in Purgatory, it is a place of cleansing between Heaven and Earth. Prayers can shorten time spent here.