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'Madonna Enthroned'


'Madonna Enthroned'


'Madonna Enthroned'


-egg tempera on qood panel
-minerals suspended in egg media as paint
-method good for little lines, but doesnt blend well + dries quickly
-gold leaf glued to bg + burnished


'Madonna Enthroned'

theme/subject matter

-religious theme, Mary enthroned as Queen of Heaven surrounded by angels + prophets
-12 feet tall
-used as an altar piece, hangs in Uffizi gallery in Florence


'Madonna Enthroned'


-large figure of Mary sitting on large throne in centre, holding baby Jesus
-surrounded by angels. 4 on each side mirroring
-4 old T. prophets holding scrolls at bottom in basement. Framed by 3 curved window openings


'Madonna Enthroned'

treatment of figure

-figures close to life size
-Mary's clothing decorative than realistic. Use of lines create patterns on dress
-distinct medieval/byzantine lements. Fingers + nose v. long, mouth v small. Not realistic representations, more an ideal heavenly form
-hands + face simplified do not look real despite shading
-no facial expressions used to convey emotions
-angels look same, no attempt to show individuality, stacked on top of each other


'Madonna Enthroned'

shading + light/colour

-light comes from 2 diff sources, doesn't help create illusion of reality
-shading more decorative than real
-gold in bg has ornamental reflective feel (symbolic quality: reflect light of heavens)
-nowadays hard to appreciate as piece of art. Serve a purpose + follow rules for how religious painting should look
-use of gold leaf - decorative effect