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List some exterior indicators of clan labs

- Chemical odours coming from the building or rubbish. May be sweet, bitter or ammonia/solvent smells.
- Exhaust fans running
- Frequent visitors at odd hours
- Windows blacked out
- Unfriendly occupants
- Expensive security measures
- Access denied to landlords and other visitors
- Rubbish containing precursor packaging


List some interior indicators of clan labs

- Lab glassware and equipment
- Containers with clear liquids with chalky solids
- Containers with two layers of liquids
- Used coffee filters containing white paste or reddish-brown substance
- Baking dishes with white crystals in
- The presence of hot plates near chemicals


What are the powers relevant to police under the Hazardous Substances and New Organisms Act 1996?

- Enter any premises or dwelling
- Exercise any of the powers set out in s103 (search and inspection)
- Direct any person to stop an action which may contribute to an emergency
- Request any person to take action against the emergency
- Direct any person to leave a place in the vicinity
- Direct any person to refrain from entering
- Requisition any property for use in an emergency
- Destroy any property in order to prevent or limit the extent of the emergency
- Secure the site for up to 24 hours.