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What is climate change?

The change in weather over a long period of time.


What is global Warming?

The increase in global temperature in the last century.


What are Greenhouse gasses and how are they formed?

Carbon dioxide and Methane are Greenhouse gasses. Burning fossil fuels, farming and deforestation.


Explain the Greenhouse affect

Greenhouse gasses are released into the atmosphere. They traps the earths heat. Too many gasses trap a lot of heat causing global warming.


What other things affect climate change?

Variations in solar output and Changes in the earth's orbit


What are the Economic impacts of Climate change?

It will affect farming. Higher Latitude , some with more money and higher yields. Lower too hot and dry. Extreme weather governments pay for the damages.


Social impacts of Climate change

People won't grow much food, more malnutrition, starving. People will dies from this and extreme weather events. Hotter weather more infectious diseases will spread leading to health problems. Areas will become uninhabitable leading to overcrowding.


Environmental impacts.

Seas will rise habitats will be destroyed. Higher temperature, cause decrease in rainfall leading to desertification. Distribution of species.


Political impacts

Competition for water could lead to war. Climate change may cause people to move increasing immigration and emigration. Governments under pressure will find ways to slow or remove its affects.


Responses - National and Local

Transport strategies to encourage people to use public transports. Taxations of cars to reduce the number. Congestion charges, Recycling and conserving energy