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What is clinical reasoning?

Process to plan direct and reflect on client care
Requires metacognition
Could involve straight forward thinking processes, like assessing occupational performance.
Use of all senses, it is a while body process


Theory and Practice

Theories help practitioners make decisions regarding patient care
Naming and framing of problems based on pt's situation
Practitioners tend to blend theories with own experiences to guide actions.


What are the aspects of clinical reasoning?

Scientific Reasoning
Narrative Reasoning
Pragmatic Reasoning
Ethical Reasoning


What is Scientific Reasoning?

Concerned c/ the application of research
Diagnostic reasoning
Procedural reasoning
Used to decide the interventions that are in the best interest of the client by understanding the condition that is affecting the client


What is Narrative Reasoning?

Requires the understanding of the pt's life stories,
Focuses on the person as an occupational being.
Provides link between founding values and current profession practice demands